taking stock, a before christmas version

View from the computer room at break

I haven't done a meme in a long time. I got this from Meet me at Mikes and it was an interesting process over a couple of days (so time references might be a bit off). Might try again in a month or two and see where I've gotten to.

Making : tomorrow I'm going to make yo-yos and white christmas. Everyone loves yo-yos, white christmas not so much. But I love it and I'm going to make it for that reason only. Yum.
Cooking : dinner tonight we are having supermarket (as in, as Grace says, let's grab a chicken) chicken and salad. Not my favourite meal, but who cares. Tomorrow night, sausages I think and snacks for the night after. Can't think further ahead than that and we need to run down the fridge and eat all the perishables before we go to QLD. Yay!
Drinking : lots of soda water and ice. I'm not as thirsty as I was when I was on the lithium which is a good thing and I have given up artificial sweeteners (to see if it helps my gut health and mood) so no more diet ginger beer for me. Some nights I have a vodka with soda and lemon cordial which is very lovely.
Reading: the Passage by Justin Cronin. I am mostly liking it and it fits with my post apocalyptic theme this year, but I am finding it a slow and quite sad read.
Wanting: a sound system that plays cds and spotify from my phone. The one I bought last year is clumsy with cds and the bluetooth doesn't connect to my spotify. I think I need more music in my life again.
Looking: out the window to the birds in the trees.
Playing: the radio, have swapped form 774 to mostly easy listening 3RRR.
Deciding: that maybe next year, I need to pull my finger out. More exercise, more socialising, more voluntary work (or a real job), more life.
Wishing: things were different to what they are. But they're not and change is slow.
Enjoying: stone fruit. Cherries and peaches and apricots. You forget how good they really are.
Waiting: to go on holidays with my extended family. Very excited about that.
Liking: that I am blogging again. It feels good. Like I am starting to invest in life again. Baby steps. baby steps.
Wondering: if I will cope with the Queensland heat. I broke a sweat today and it wasn't even very hot. I was dripping, I kid you not.
Loving: the way Rupert sidles onto my lap from the other chair while I am watching telly and curls himself around my belly. He also sleeps close at night, unless it is hot, most often curled into the space where my waist would be or under my arm. He is such a comfort when I am a bit lonely. Not at all a replacement for Gerard (god knows I still miss him) but love that dog.
Pondering: the dog toy I bought for Rupert when I went shopping this evening is already in pieces in the back yard. What do they think dogs will do with a toy? Clearly not fit for purpose....
Considering: The course I am going to introduce at the Neighbourhood house next year. I think it will be a challenge but I am looking forward to it. Also thinking about whether I could make a good website for a community organisation using free WordPress.
Buying:Christmas shopping is done and dusted I think. It was relatively pain free and we are going to wrap tomorrow and just check that nothing has been left out. I am still wondering whether I should buy Grace a Google home mini as a surprise as she has guessed nearly everything else. Is it too much or would it be good for us to learn how it works? Hmm. Also my teeth have been mostly fixed and that involved a fair bit of pain and a cash outlay. Hoping it was worth it.
Watching: Have just finished season 2 of the Crown which I loooved. We are still watching Dance Academy over dinner which is Australian and pretty good. We are all caught up on Riverdale and I loved seeing Luke Perry and Molly Ringwald in it. Sort of inter generational soap interests. Am also watching Party of Five on and off which I saw the first time round in bits. It is so, so sad. Oh and Sisters - that was ace. Have also started watching The Handmaid's Tale again. I can only watch one episode at a time though, it is too intense and upsetting.
Hoping: that next will be better than this year. See deciding- pulling my finger out.
Marvelling:at modern medicine.
Cringing: at my front garden. Full of weeds and way overgrown. I'm wondering if I should get the lawn mowing man to slash around the bushes and start again...
Needing: some new clothes maybe. Perhaps I can get my sister to make me some? Or get sewing again after my holiday. I've think I've bought everything I like from online and the big lady shops. Which is not that much. Which is why I sew, I guess.
Questioning: whether I should try going off all my psych meds after the holidays. I've thought this for a while. Just to see what is under there. With the proviso that I could go back on them again.
Smelling: cut grass and the smells of midsummer. Also just to keep it real, dog farts.
Wearing: my favourite top from Gudrun Sjoden which is lyocell ( I think but anyway, not totally natural) and I love it. Also silver havianna thongs only $10 from woolies and some pants I made a while ago that still fit but not as well as they might. Really leggings are better.
Following: all the blogs on my side bar. I am trying to find new blogs that update more often but it's hard, most of my old crew don't blog anymore and lots of people these days don't have link lists. I miss the murmur of women's thoughts that blogging used to provide.
Noticing: that the bathroom needs a really good clean. As does the rest of the house. Ah, once I was so house proud. Those were the days.
Knowing: that I will get most of the cleaning done and the sheets changed before we go away.
Thinking: I used to be better in the heat than I am now.
Admiring: the spectacular bruise on my arm from where I had my last blood test. The collector guy said my veins were flat because I had been sweating. Who knew that was a thing?
Sorting: out Gerard's stuff in the study/back room. It's papers and photos and a bit confronting and has been an off again, on again process. Next the cds and old lego in the lounge room. Then the shed for the third pass. Time to have only what we needs and use. It is a very small house.
Getting: my second poo test in the mail.
Bookmarking: online shopping sites.
Coveting: a really good night's sleep. Where I go to sleep soon after I go to bed and get up at a sensible time.
Disliking: My mouth is still sore from the dentistry. My teeth aren't sore which is good but I still have a cut on my tongue and some sores in my cheeks. Yuck.
Opening: A parcel from target which was delivered on a Sunday! New underpants which are my favourite kind and have been out of stock for ages. And a cotton singlet in a nice fine cotton but a startling shade of blue because the black ones are still out of stock.....
Giggling: at Rupert and the dud toy. He loves it so.
Feeling: a little anxious today but I spoke to my sister on the phone and did some jobs and then felt a bit better. I was bashing my self up a bit about various things and I need to remember that Christmas is still not the easiest of times for me and that once we get to boxing day, I'll possibly feel better about a lot of things. I love boxing day. So lacking in obligation.
Snacking: trying not to snack. But could go some chips, as in crisps.
Hearing: the sound of birds in the yard and in the trees. Sometimes they come in the back door and steal Rupert's food and he rushes out to bark at them.


Anonymous said...

Tried to post a comment and I'm not sure if blogger ate it or not...
Just saying that I might steal this meme from you. I need to start blogging more often.
Merry Christmas!

Snoskred said...

Dropped by after seeing the link on Dancing With Frogs. :)

I was quite disappointed by the Google Home Mini. I expected it to be all knowing and to be able to answer all my loopy doopy questions, of which I have so many. But probably 8 times out of 10 it says something about not knowing how to help me with that.

I might be able to help it help me if I learn more about how it works, I think it does not appreciate manners because if I ask it something with please on the end I usually get the I'm sorry I can't help, but if I ask without please sometimes I do get a result.

Anyway, I will add you to my feed reader, glad I found you! ;) I'm stealing your meme for tomorrows post.

Janet said...