funny, not funny

Just dropped Rupert at the groomers. He was so anxious in the car but so happy when he got there!

So, the other weekend, I exited my cave and went to a comedy night at Grace's school. Normally I resist such events, not because I don't have a sense of humour, I do, but sometimes I find stand up comedy just a bit much too excitement. To be honest I'd rather laugh at Rupert chasing the hose or falling in a fountain, a Christian Hull video, a cat meme or something someone said. Sometimes I absolutely piss myself laughing.  Anyway as the compere and first comedian started off, it was kind of OK. He said "fucking" a lot. Then he told a joke about gold coast women and how they had so much work they looked turtles with barbie doll heads and then there was the joke about the old woman who lived next door and didn't close her blinds when she showered and gosh, she had pubic hair. And then there was a joke about scattering grandpa on the back lawn, only he wasn't cremated. There was a female comedian who did a dead beat mum act that I found funny in parts, especially the bits about cleaning and things clunking as they went up the vacuum cleaner. My vacuum always clunks. Every body laughed at everything because that is what you are meant to do at a comedy night, especially a school comedy night, but some of it felt, well not very funny. Then one of the male acts told a long joke that involved malnourished children in Africa, phone sex and pedophilia. There was a big exhale and a whole lot of people said "not funny". He really had gone too far and the comedian  acknowledged that, but I felt very uncomfortable, like he was using us for audience testing purposes and somehow like I was a prude for not finding the joke funny but I felt really, shouldn't anyone know that some things are just not funny.

There was a great singer at the end of the night, raffles and prizes and lots of good will and lots of chat. And a lovely moment when my friend and I congratulated ourselves on the work we did on the campaign that led to this very school. The school that has 240 year 7 enrollments next year. The school they said we didn't need. (Also not very funny.) I was mostly glad I went. Later at home in my pyjamas, it took me a long time to unwind and I kind of felt dirty. Like I might have laughed at things that were really not funny, just not funny at all, and I didn't like that feeling. I know comedy is subjective, like art and taste and so many things but surely it doesn't have to be violent and misogynist. Oh well. Live and learn.

The picture is one I took this afternoon when I dropped Rupert off at the dog groomers. He was so anxious on the way there but very happy once he arrived. Looking forward to seeing our velvet dog, who generates lots of love and lots of laughs that everyone can feel good about.

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