Books read 2014

Barracuda - Christos Tsiolkas
Loved this. Great first book to read for the year. The exploration of shame and success and family. A few geographical not quite rights bugged me. Like the bit when he walked up the steps to the pool which sounded like the Coburg Olympic Pool. Oh well maybe it was another pool. And it is rather nice to have a book set in your neighbourhood. I liked The Slap but I think I like Barracuda even better.
Sheri Tepper - The Waters Rising 
Disappointing. Took a while to get into and then I questioned whether it was worth it. Still, I do like a book about rising sea levels.
Patricia Cornwell - Postmortem
Page turner. Trying to increase the number of genres I read. Pretty good but the ending was a bit of a fizzer.
The Island under the Sea - Isabel Allende
I got this for Christmas and didn't expect to like it but I did. A lot. Not as magical as other Isabel Allende books I have read. Learnt something about Haiti and the slave revolution.
Vernon God Little - DBC Pierre Reading log

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