home again

Also at the dog beach

We came home on Monday night, it was deliciously cool after the humid subtropics. Cool and dry. After the slightly dazed taxi ride from the airport, feeling all spread out after the cramped two hours in the middle seat of a Jetstar economy flight (only two hours but I always feel tense trying not to take up more space than I feel I should), we arrived home and the house felt very small. There were also big unseen spider webs running across rooms and a daddy long legs nest of spider babies under the mantel piece. But I was pleased that I had cleaned and washed the floors before I left, and changed the sheets. It felt nice and orderly.

The next day, as I was making text arrangements to pick Rupert up, I looked out at the long grass and saw a big rat running around the yard. It doesn't take long for the wild life to make itself at home. When we got in the car to go and get Rupert, the car most absolutely wouldn't start and I momentarily didn't know what to do. Then I called the RACV and it was sorted within half an hour. It was so good to see Rupert again. After we got home, the two of us had a big snuggle on the couch, his snout resting on my leg. Later after doing some shopping, getting a new car battery and having dinner, he sat on my lap for a long time. Then slept on my bed. It was so nice. I thought he might have had such a nice time at the dog sitters, what with other dogs to play with and two walks a day, that he might have forgotten us. But no, he seems happy to be a at home and as bonded to us as ever.

Yesterday was also coolish weather wise and we went for a walk down the creek. Grace was even OK with letting him off the lead for a bit. I was pleased that the walk I had struggled with six weeks again wasn't such a drama. I was a bit sweaty at the end and maybe a bit puffed considering that I wasn't walking that fast but not freaked out. A bit of an improvement. Today was pretty hot so we went to the Altona dog beach instead. Rupert had an awesome time and I wish I had gone for a swim, but oh well, I had a paddle and that was OK.

It is nice to be home but I am missing Betty and the family so much already.

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