dream house

Rain is gentle so far.....

This morning at about six, I woke up really frightened from a dream. It took me more than a moment to orient myself in my bed and my house, in my life now and to feel Rupert gently sleeping all warm and curled up beside me. The dream took place in my old Brunswick house and I had all these young and not so young housemates who came and went in such a way that it was hard to know who lived there. They kept renovating the house while I was away camping, or at work and I would spend evenings trying to restore order so that I could go to work the next day. My job was a good job but in peril somehow. Some of the renovations weren't that big or scary but they extended the bathroom and installed an ironing board in there. People had to be chased away from my room when I wanted to go to bed but worst of all was that while I was away, they had a big party and removed part of the roof and installed a big open space between the bathroom and the kitchen. I was furious and upset that this was done without my consent. Some of the housemates sided with me and the police were called and I demanded to be arrested. I was furious that this had been done to my home but also terribly worried that I would need to spend every cent I had to fix it up because I was the only tenant on the lease. People were telling me to be cool but I just couldn't see it.

Grace came in to collect Rupert and I told her about my dream, well that it was frightening and then I fell asleep again and slept until I heard voices outside and realised that a house was being auction next door today. So I got up and went to the auction. It was bought by a family with young children for an incredible amount of money, but I think it was a pretty good buy. It will be interesting to see what another house in the area, with the same floor plan, but nicely renovated goes for.

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