Christmas, a day early

The pool, the pool, the pool

This year we celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve, as my sister and her partner were heading off for a festival. Grace and I are staying with her cousins in their house while they are gone. My dad is here too. It is actually pretty great. Hot and sweaty most of the time but great. It is a relaxing way to be with your family. Plenty of time doing ordinary things together which makes them feel special and time for conversations that can go over days. And there is a pool for when it is just too hot.

Christmas itself was quite relaxed although auntie Janet was prodded out of bed at 6.00 am so she could be a bleary eyed presence as all the presents under the tree were distributed and excitedly unwrapped.  You forget how excited kids get by presents, even if some of them are quite prosaic, for example the cousins got new electric toothbrushes and back packs which they had chosen, along with pool toys and sundry little things. Grace loved her poodle calendar and the google home mini has been a hit. Tonight after dinner we played games with it. The future telling game is quite silly but the trivia game was pretty good. I found myself saying thank you to it after it had told me something and Grace thought that was pretty funny. Her job is to keep finding out what it can do.

For lunch there were eleven of us and we sat down, out on the verandah, to lots of prawns and oysters with potato salad, a green salad, guacamole and corn chips, ham and bits of this and that. It was lovely without being overwhelming. Afterwards we had pavlovas that Grace made the day before and decorated with cream and fruit. Oh and chocolate. I forgot to put out the yoyos and white christmas that I had made but itdidn't matter. We had some the day before and today - it is nice having them for the time around Christmas. It is not necessary to eat every single Christmas food on the day.

So today, which was actually Christmas day was spent lolling around the house in the heat, going in the pool, eating leftovers, reading, watching netflix and staring into space. It is night time now, the children are in bed with Tickle the dog who looked a bit concerned at the thunder and it is raining lovely cool sub tropical rain. I will go to sleep to the sound and coolness of the rain. This is the bit where I get to say, life feels pretty good right now. I know it is holiday time and things will be different when I get back home. But pretty good right now feels pretty good.

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