I started a new book today. In between loads of washing and lunch and explaining how Facebook works to Gerard. He understood yesterday and posted something but today it seems to have deserted him and he doesn't understand that people have left comments. He has difficulty turning on the tv too, but that has been going on for a while and to be fair it is complicated by the Tbox. Still haven't done the dishes or swept the floor. Gerard insisted that he'd been doing it and then gave it a go but found it just too hard. Most things are too hard for him now. We plan things and then he says, later. I'm inclined to just let things slip. Which leaves me with lots of time. So I read. I could do housework but mostly I read.

Lentil burgers on the first page.

I might do some housework tomorrow as we are having some visitors next week. I have put it out there that this might be a good time to visit Gerard. I'm not seeing signs of consistent or even  regular improvement. It's a back and forth type thing but I am conscious that things could start to go really backward quickly. Early on I left some things that needed to be done for later, expecting things to get better and they never did. Not doing that again. So maybe I will do the floors. Or maybe I will just do the greenery in vases and wipe down the table.

New book. Reading a lot for Reasons. Think IG has become my reading log.

Reading is the best thing at the moment. It takes me places, fills my head with stories other than my own for a while. It doesn't cure anything but it is a little time out. I miss my mum terribly and find myself thinking, oh mum would like this book. Only she isn't here any more. Which feels so wrong. How can she not be here? She's my mother. I have other little conversations with her and as I go through some of her stuff, which I am mostly not keeping because there is so much of it, I can smell the cedar balls she used and her washing detergent and it seems so strange and wrong that her house is still there and she isn't. Later we are going to go through her books and craft stuff. It has been agreed that I will inherit her Darkover collection and the Billabong series. Not sure where they will go but I would really like to keep them.

Wonder if this is any good. Loved the Tales of the City series. Found at the tip shop.

Book notes; I am loving Camille's Bread and have read most of it in a day. Unpromising at the start but the characters uncoil against a recognisable early 90s inner urban Australia. The stuff about the macrobiotic diet is apt and irritating in the best way. Reminding me there have always been food nutters around. Paleo/clean eating is just the modern version.

Chicago was good and boring. I'm glad I finished it but there were bits that really sagged. Maybe something got lost in the translation?

Mary Ann in Autumn was kind of a quick read. It tied up some threads from earlier in the series but I think he was reaching a bit. Enjoyable but lacked the sparkle of the early series.

I am instagramming all the books I read now as it is the easiest way to keep a record.


Stomper Girl said...

Love that you are letting yourself escape in a book and not worrying about housework. Even if you did the housework there'd be more to do of it.

Michelle said...

I got a kindle for Christmas and it has been the best thing. It means I can read books blown up at 3x and I don't need my glasses. Also so much lighter to hold when you have dodgy arms like mine. I have the other two books in the armistead maupin series. Michael Tolliver lives (loved it) and the days of Anna madrigal (also good). Let me know if you would like me to send them to you to borrow. Can out them in the post this week.

Sorry to hear G is not improving. Thinking of you you guys.