Grace with Sheppard. She danced and danced! All ages gig #wearesheppard When I mentioned to Grace a couple of days I ago that I might be able to get tickets to an all ages Sheppard gig, she was beside herself with excitement. I was a bit worried about finding someone to mind Gerard but I decided to be brave and ask (it is always better to be brave and ask I'm finding). Owing to my anxiety and my desire that Grace should have something exciting in her holidays organised by her mum (lots of excitement with other people) I lined up two possibilities. Gerard was pretty happy to go with his friend Ross but it did occur to me that in the past this is the sort of thing Gerard would have done with Grace, not me.

Anyway, Grace was so excited beforehand. She insisted on wearing the lace up boots I found her at the opshop the other day that are two sizes too big. Some other local tweens and their mums came too. During the support Microwave Jenny, there was a guy who walked around in circles near where the mums were sitting eating chips and not drinking gin because it was an all ages gig.  In the gap between the two bands the kids started fidgeting and then Sheppard walked through the crowd and on to the stage. Once they started playing, Grace and her friends just danced and danced and danced. So much so that they got a call out from the band before they played their big hit Geronimo. How to thrill a group of nine and ten year old girls!

At dinner Grace and I were talking about the show and about how we are going to cut her t-shirt a bit shorter. Gerard said that he thought it was a good band t-shirt and seriously, that is one of the most positive things he has said in a long while. He put his head on the table and wished that he could have gone too. Sigh. And then he said that he would have been too tired. Or maybe I said that and then he said that. But you know. He knew he was missing out on something great with Grace, missing out on her first real band experience and he was sad. And in that sadness there was a strong glimmer of the old Gerard. Which made it even more sad. And yet despite him being sad and me being sad because well, because he was sad and missing out, I was kind of high from it. It's maybe not the sort of thing I would have done before but it's the sort of thing I would jump at now because as I explained to Grace the other day, we have to do the good things when we get the chance.