sitting with the bobheads


The Bob Dylan concert week before last was great. Not always an easy listen but lots to think about. And I felt full. Full of music and ideas. It was made better, and especially thrilled Gerard in a way that's hard to describe, by having really fantastic seats. Right in the middle, five rows from the front. We could sometimes see the expression on Bob's face and we were surrounded by devoted bobheads which was very interesting. One of them was keen to be in the same number seat for all the concerts and was enthusiastically trading tickets. At the end of the show as we were waiting for the venue to clear I commented to another bobhead that I had learnt 'Blowing in the Wind' at school when we did singing lessons sitting cross legged on the floor, looking up to the radio mounted high on the wall. He looked at me as though I was really old.

I was in two minds when the Dylan tickets came on sale. I didn't know whether Gerard would be well enough to go but I knew if I didn't get the tickets and then if he was well enough to go, we would kick ourselves for not booking. So, in the spirit of doing things now, and also thinking that if we were going to make the effort we might as well have good seats I got ready to book. The cheap seats weren't especially cheap anyway. And we always sit up the back. We had the chance of some very welcome help getting even better seats and I was glad of it. Being that close added a super extra layer of special.

In the days preceding I did worry a lot about Gerard being too tired or something going wrong, but he had a good nap in the afternoon and although I think he made an extra special effort. It was all ok. A friend arrived to pick us up, another friend to take Grace for a sleepover. We bickered in the car about how we were getting home, Gerard wanted to catch PT and I insisted we would catch a taxi. It was a silly argument because we were always going to catch a taxi - watching the crowded trams go past afterwards made me even more sure of that. But Gerard can be stubborn, cheap and not very realistic. Anyway Jody cut through the crap and and announced she was going to visit a friend in St Kilda and would be waiting when the show was over. Again, too special. I feel lucky and thankful that we have friends helping us out.

It was an amazing sparkly night. Gerard loved it and it was special for both of us. Worth the effort. Also Bob is living proof that you can be yourself, be old and be fabulous. I'm sure that applies even if you aren't a famous genius with a huge body of work.