things I am finding hard

Things I am finding hard:
Knowing which doctor does what.king and learning a bit but it is still a mystery.
Having a cold. I feel guilty for having a nap when there is so much to be done.

Brains are amazing. I mean you get to think about your brain with your brain. Today I learnt something really important about brains and memory. We were sitting at the kitchen table with the OT who visits gerard a couple of times a week. She is clearly passionate about brains. And memory. And the work she does. Which is good because we need passion and zest right now. However her news isn't good, there are no tricks or exercises you can do to improve your memory she says. Oh? No, I can teach you strategies and new ways of behaving that will make life easier and will compensate. But no, we can't fix the brain this way. So apparently the brain can heal by itself or as a result of biological treatment such as chemo or dex or surgery. But if you learn new routines and new ways to remember things, you can adapt, you can train the brain - that thing that is injured and the thing that you think with, you can teach it new tricks, you can teach it to use what it has. She had told us these things before but today I got it.

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