Last September's Queensland trip

Was going to blog about our recent camping trip but blogging and dealing with my photos are closely linked. And I had to process the photos from our Queensland trip etc before I could do the holidays.  Anyway. I remember really wanting to go to Queensland  to see my sister. Really, really wanting to go. And feeling like we just couldn't afford it. Especially during school holidays. But I worked out that if we flew Tiger to Brisbane and caught the train, it was doable. Then I got sick and spiralled into despair and  the doctor thought I might have whooping cough. It turns out I didn't but I had to pay money to change the day we were flying. I didn't want to even though it was still cheaper. But I couldn't bear the idea of infecting some kid whose parents didn't believe in immunisation, or some baby who was too young to be immunised. We managed to get out of the house and get to the airport really early for a big day of commuting. The sunshine in Brisbane was remarkable and we felt like old hands catching the train. Betty and the girls met us at Nambour station and it felt really good. It was really, really good to get there.
- -
I can't remember much about the holiday except that I wasn't as depressed. It was the first time we stayed in the new house built largely by my sister's partner, Cam. We went to the beach and we talked a lot which was great but also a bit intense. Three cousins together ranging in ages for four to eight is also intense. Lovely most of the time but there were the inevitable melt downs all around. I'm used to one child having a moment not several. I tried not to show it but I might have been a tad freaked out at times. We bought pineapples and mangoes. I read a book. Kate Atkinson, Case Histories if I remember correctly. I liked it a lot and have since read Life after Life. Must see if the library have more. I ate/drunk less sugar only to revert to form once I got home, although we have given up orange juice as a regular thing. On returning to Melbourne I fell in a heap again and I'm still trying to make sense of why and what happened. Maybe I don't need to know and should just move forward, you know onwards and upwards. - -


librarygirl said...

hugs to you love and hope Grace has a great year at her new school x

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the heap. Hard to tell when knowing would be useful or not. I hope things are a bit less heapy now.

Looking forward to hearing about the more recent holiday, at some point :)

Stomper Girl said...

The house looks so great, and Grace's swimmers are adorable. They look like Ms. Bell's handiwork? Hope the heap is getting behind you now.