a room of my own, more or less

A while ago, in the midst of mum being sick, I had this idea about having a handmade business. And that was that I needed more room to sew. As this meant pretty much kicking G out of the study, I was reluctant to put forward the idea. But truth was, he couldn't get to his records anyway and his computer (that he found in hard rubbish) had died after a couple of years. I kept dreaming, sewing by by the light of the window, somewhere to keep my sewing supplies. Having more of my fabric in the house as opposed to in the shed. Then one night, after we'd had people around for drinks, I put the idea to G and he was surprisingly supportive. Pretty soon after we started moving things around. There were a few days of pain and then it was done.
- - It's amazing how I felt afterwards, like I had been given this huge gift. In the midst of what was a pretty terrible and draining time. Also that I was loved and that what I was doing was deserving of space and consideration. I work in this room nearly every day and while it isn't yet how I imagine it will be post renovation, there is (more) space and light. When I sew in the afternoon the sun shines on my shoulder. I still don't have quite enough space to put things or store fabric but I'm not looking at a whole lot of unused stuff taking up that space. And it is a whole lot better than I had before.
- G has a corner by the doorway for some of his stuff. The records are either in the lounge room or the shed and everybody uses the computer. Sometimes people use the computer while I sew which is pretty friendly. I feel quite lucky.

ps I could have been a bit more careful, and removed some elements from the photos but I feel disinclined to retake them. So a bit of unedited real life in each.


Stomper Girl said...

I am jealous of your sunlit sewing room. Mine is sunless and dark, but I am still very happy to have it. Hope your Mum and the rest of you are doing okay.

shadygrey said...

What a beautiful little room! It's my favourite kind of room, one that looks useful and well-used. So sorry about your Mum, it must be very hard for you.