when life gives you quinces

Our quince tree was laden with fragrant golden quinces this year and was bending right to the ground with fruit.  But I was busy working and just sort of ignored the tree as many of the yellow quinces fell to the ground. Rotting in a sweet smelling decay all along the path to the front door. Some quinces left on the tree showed signs of hungry possum scratches.

The job ended before it was finished and I was pretty sad about that. I'd worked hard and I thought I was going in a good direction, but apparently not. Oh well, I guess these things happen, especially when you are new to something. I shouldn't really be too sad, because apparently I will still be paid, another job which may be boring but is well paid and should go for quite some time is on the horizon, as is a website project which involves lots of fantastic artwork and some useful technical learning. Message to myself, sometimes when something looks like it is just right and too good to be true, really is too good to be true.
And you could say the same about my quinces too. The other day I gathered up all the fallen quinces and then decided to pick what was remaining on the tree. I thought I would stew them to have with yoghurt and give some to a quince loving neighbour. So first I photographed them. As you do. With my new lens and my phone. Then I went inside to cut them up. Argh! Full of pear and cherry slug! Not one quince was edible. I'm  terrible at controlling things like pear and cherry slug and coddling moth. I'm thinking that I either have to get good at it or the quince tree needs to go. To be replaced with something productive and not so high maintenance.

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Fiona Claire said...

That happened to my quinces too, they looked lovely on the outside but were riddled with yuck inside. However, I was desperate to eat some and was able to cut off the good bits to stew and they were still nice. My family ate them! They just looked too nice to chuck away. I'm leaving them for the birds now.....