strange fruit

Out in the backyard, you can tell Autumn is here. The tomato plants are still going but have crispy edges and no good tomatoes. No green tomatoes either this year which means no home made chutney for my cheese sandwich lunch. On the up side there have been many delicious figs to be picked and eaten in the glorious Autumn sunshine when I'm brave enough to step through the (probably not any more) snake infested pumpkin vine. And we have a pumpkin. A big Jap pumpkin grown from the compost. Also from the compost and most intriguing of all, three very small cantaloupes. They don't seem to be growing any bigger but I'm wondering if they will still ripen? Maybe I should cut one open and see.
- -
And the last strange fruit has been the babaco. A friend gave me the babaco tree for my birthday some years ago and I kept it in a pot. After we moved here I planted it in the ground. The first couple of years it didn't do that well and lost some limbs in the wind, but the pruning seems to have resulted in stronger growth. Last year it started flowering and now has lots of fruit. I've been watching one particular fruit turn yellow from the kitchen window and the other day it fell to the ground. At first I was reluctant to try it, it seemed so strange and unlikely to be growing in our backyard, so it probably over ripened a bit. But when I did cut it open for a taste, I found I quite liked it. Very juicy, a bit sour and sweet with a lemony, strawberry, champagney taste. Would be very good as a juice too I think. I offered some to G and he spat it out. Wonder what Grace will think. - -
In other news I am planning to go and buy a new camera lens today. Not happy with my photos and needing to take photos for this website I am working on. Can't justify a new camera yet, so I thought I might see if I like using a prime lens. Maybe it's not the camera but me, but a new lens seems like an easy way to change things around a bit.


h+b said...

What prime Janet - a nifty-fifty would be perfect for your usual work and is dead cheap in lens world - i'd totally recommend it - about $120 I think-ish?

Off to click on your babaco link now. Like you, a snake would ruin my world :(

Stomper Girl said...

I'm quite impressed you grew some canteloupes from your compost. We only ever grow potatoes.

Robert sudru said...

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