shirking not working

I feel like I shouldn't be writing here. I'm in one of those must work every spare minute type of situations. Kind of partly my own making, partly not. It's a collaboration, and it's paid so I guess there's another reason why I should be working not shirking. Who knows. Anyway, I guess I can own the feeling that I have bitten off a bit lot more than I can chew. Something I was pretty upfront about. But I think I somehow glossed over in my mind how hard the learning curve can be.There has been some very hasty learning, lots of crash testing, much googling and watching of youtube and vimeo. Oh, and the super scary reset this morning. But just right at this minute, right now I do think we more or less have a website the client might be happy with. There's still a bit of work to do but I can see it. And if no-one likes the colours (I'm trying to do bright but I think my tastes really run to murk) well, I can easily work up another colour palette and enter some numbers in boxes. I seem to be entering a lot of numbers in boxes, padding this, nudging that, checking my notes and having moments when I think the internet or my computer is broken. But it has all come together. Even better than I expected.
My neck is cricked and my walk today wasn't long enough. I'm thinking I might take Tuesday off and go for a swim and a spa. The boundaries between working and not working have become even more unclear. Just then in the middle of my blogging time I had an idea about how something might appear on the phone, so had a look and a fiddle. Another task crossed off the list. Half way towards making a decision about how I might present the images. This afternoon I had a nana nap and spent a lot of time thinking about the difference between padding and margins. One day soon all this is going to be second nature and I'll be able to whip up snazzy little websites at the drop of a hat.

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