new world of work

The other night I dreamt that I used up all my stash and that as a consequence all my boxes of fabric, thread, yarn, buttons, bits and bobs were empty. Utterly empty. I can't remember if there was a part of the dream where I had a great time using everything up but there was a kind of an exhilarating feeling. And an utterly empty desolation. I'm sure there are all sorts of ways to interpret this dream but I think it must be to do with the making and the markets and this other job that I know bits of but need to learn as I go. Actually I'm learning all of it as I go. It's mostly good. I am enjoying this making so, so much. My head is buzzing with ideas and things to make and although most of my ideas don't turn out as I imagine they should, I have received enough positive feedback at markets and on the internet to think maybe I am on a good path. That if I keep working hard, that it will come.
--But maybe it won't. There is that risk there. At the Ceres Harvest Festival market last weekend there were lots of great hand made goods for sale, really beautiful well made craft  But not so many people, and not many of them in a buying mood. I get that. I live in a small house and funds are finite so I am very select about what I buy myself. So I find myself wondering whether the hand craft market is oversaturated. Is there just so much out there that business is spread really thin? Do you have to be really, really good and really unique to stand out? Or was it just part of the up and down of going to the markets? Obviously as I've only done two markets, I probably need a bit more experience before voicing a solid opinion on that one. But as I'm looking around the hand crafted market place and noticing more and more, it does seem that there is an awful lot of hand crafted goodness out there. Which is great, but I don't think finding your place in the hand crafted market is necessarily a simple thing.
- A whole lot of things came together last week. I have someone to work with for the craft business, in the sense that we are going to share some stalls together and I am working with another local person to develop a website for a kindergarten. I feel really lucky that it's come together like this. But a tad anxious too. I have skills but I really need to learn some new ones - quite quickly. A steep learning curve. A bit like starting a new job. Oh wait.... The difference is that instead of having a workplace induction, I'm in charge of all my own learning. Which is awesome in a way. Even so, two days before my last market I had the most insane chest tightening, teeth hurting panic attack. It was really annoying because my rational brain was saying you will get this, it's all doable, you are good at learning new things, you are living your dream. And my monkey brain was going freak out, freak out, freak out. Stupid monkey brain.

So yeah, big learning curve. I have thought about whether I should share work stuff here, but hey now that I am boss of my own work place I can say whatever I like within reason. No code of conduct, the consequences are all my own. So if I feel like it, I can document my working life here on my personal blog however I choose.

Photos are from the market. I can't wait to do it again.


Stomper Girl said...

Stupid monkey brain, don't listen to it. Your market stuff looks great. Especially the ponies. Did they sell?

Suse said...

Yikes, stomper is right, don't listen to the monkey brain! From my very little market experience, some markets are great and the very next week can be rotten and there's no rhyme or reason that i can tell. Have you also put your stuff on etsy and madeit?