february cousin visit

Yes, I know that it is nearly the end of March and the cousins came to visit during the first week of February. Grace had several days off school and although we cleared it with the school first, there was a little tension around that. There were lots of visits with Papa Robert and Nina including the somewhat underwhelming Aquarium and dinner at Pizza Plus. There was Nana's 70th birthday party and dinner. Also hanging out at the pool and lots of just hanging out. Then they came and stayed for a couple of nights, in a tent in the backyard with the snakes.
. .
As usual, it was intense in parts. All that normal family visiting compressed into two too short weeks. But, sigh, how I loved seeing them and how I miss them now. I don't think I took a particularly great set of photos this time but here they are.

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Leah said...

It's the compression that's the killer, isn't it? My sister and her family came out from England for Christmas, and we (and my parents and other sister) all spent three weeks in a three bedroom house. Only 8 adults and 8 children. It was wonderful; it was awful. We couldn't bear to leave, and miss out on any time together.