happy making

A bit over a week ago, some school mum friends gently suggested I put my craft stall money where my mouth is and do Suitcase Rummage. I hummed and hawed, debated whether I could make enough stock, whether it would be good enough, whether I would sell anything or whether people would throw rocks at me. I still don't know the answers to those questions but I am glad I signed up.
Design cuddle tested by Grace Making toys has been fabulous. Sure it feels a little bit endless making the tenth little bunny but I have loved the feeling of toys emerging out of my hands and of seeing them come to life. Of Grace "cuddle testing" and wanting to have them all. It was great going op shopping to buy another suitcase and finding a whole stack of exciting tea towels. Love the buzz of sewing away on my sewing machine and listening to my eighties playlist on Spotify and dreaming up new toys to make. Feeling the ideas come tumbling in. But mostly it has been great to be busy. And to realise that the feeling of working, of purpose, doesn't have to be linked with work like my old job. So even if making craft doesn't end up being my thing (although I think I would like to do this for a while), it feels good to have felt this different feeling of working.
Wistful bunny. Next up elephants
Tea towels in new suitcase
I will be at the Darebin Kite Festival on Saturday 02/03/2013 with a couple of suitcases of soft toys, wooden buttons, wooden houses, a couple of chopping boards and maybe some needle cases and pincushions. Quite excited really. Please come and say hello if you pass by.


Di said...

They look very cute Janet! Wishing you well at the festival.

Acton Belle said...

They look lovely Janet. The best of luck with the festival. I feel sure people will snap them up :0)