beach weather

Last week, I forget exactly when, we went to the beach for dinner. It was the day before the total stinker I think and was part of my "we need to leave the house at some point" campaign. We took one of Grace's friends, so she had someone to play with. Although there was a lot of chatter from the back seat, which I'm not used to. It felt strange to be crossing town on a weeknight with almost no traffic. As usual I got all nostalgic as we drove down Bluff road and past the street where my nan lived in a house like ours, then as we passed the street where my mum grew up and where my nan had her last unit.

-- Once we were at the beach and unloading the car, the lock in the boot broke. Gerard fixed it in less time than you would imagine and we headed down the path to Black Rock Beach. I had planned we would go to Half Moon Bay but I got my directions a bit wrong. As it turned out, Emily texted us that there was a sewerage spill there, so lucky. Gerard freaked at the lack of shade, and our lack of beach umbrella, but I found a little nook in the bushes that had just enough space for the four of us and plenty of shade. I tried not to obsess about snakes (more to come on that later). I took the girls down to the water and it was surprisingly cold. We were all brave and dived in. The sand was rougher on my feet than I remembered. And yet it was absolutely blissful. To be in the water, to be looking at the water and the sky, at the beach with people on it. Just gorgeous.
- - Later we had some dinner, stinky cheese and biscuits, vegetables, smoked oysters, chips, fruit, frozen fruit boxes and iced water. And then another swim. Later Gerard took the girls to look at the rocks and I had a swim by myself, then a relax and a read of my dragon book on the kindle. When the girls came back we had another swim, we watched the sun sink lower and lower into the sky and then packed up. Icy poles were a topic of conversation and finally I relented and said we could stop for icy poles if there was absolutely no whinging or complaining from anyone as we climbed the cliff and got in the car. So we stopped in the dark somewhere near St Kilda and bought icy poles. As we drove off the car started feeling and smelling a bit funny. G stopped to have a look and water and oil were good but it was a slightly anxious ride home. We think it is the exhaust and we're waiting for our mechanic to come back from holidays (we totally trust our mechanic so worth waiting for). Perhaps we shouldn't have let the coat hanger fix become so long term. Oh well. We can bus it and bike it for a while. -


  1. We used to go to Black Rock beach when I was little!

  2. Such beautiful photos. There is nothing better than late afternoon beach swims. I love floating on my back past the waves, thinking of nothing.

  3. Black Rock beach and Ricketts Point beach were my two locals growing up.

    Lovely photos. You can feel the evening bliss.

  4. Beautiful. I wish I was at the beach now...