a brand new year

Hmm, 'tis shaping up to be another pyjama day around here, but we do have some activities planned for later in the week. In amongst the sloth pleasant relaxation, I've been thinking about my plans for the new year and mostly they are very modest. Things like:
Begin and end the day with a big glass of water.
Learn to be comfortable on a bike again.
Read lots of novels, even if they do have dragons in them. Actually I intend to read the whole Pern series by Anne McCaffrey to start with. It is reading time and all the other worlds I go to that are most precious to me, not just the academic/literary worth of the book. That said, I'm going to at least try and read some more challenging books because it is good to be stretched. But mostly I want to maintain the habit of reading.
Work on not being so fearful. There have been various patches in my life where I have had extreme fearfulness and anxiety before and I've got over it before. Just recently had a whole week of full on snake phobia and it's monkey brain stuff. Time for it to stop.
Use my real camera as well as my phone. Love instagram but it is nice to have proper DSLR photos too.
Make nicer dinners. Do good things with food and drink. Share them with family and friends. Likely to increase the pleasantness factor of our life.
Make stuff. Buttons, toys, clothes, websites. See what happens.
Work on the house. Make it better.
Making nori rolls and pavlova and eating delectable cherries. Happy New year!Nori for dinner. Yum!
Last year was a stinker for me. As I unwind and have more and more weeks without the three day hell interval that was work, I become less and less sorry that I left. And more myself. It's funny but family life has improved in a whole lot of ways too. We seem to be on an upward happy cycle. Last year was a horrid cycle of becoming unwell, adjusting medication and/or lifestyle, feeling better for a while then becoming unwell again. The unwinding process has taken me to some strange and slightly discombulating places but as I feel the spaces of so much better starting to emerge, I know I made the right decision.

We spent the New Year quietly at home. I made nori rolls for dinner and a pavlova which friends came around to share. As the year turned we went out on the streets to watch the fireworks and wobbled home to put a very tired Grace to bed. Sometimes very low key is lovely and just right. So goodbye 2012 and hello brand new 2013.

I do hope 2013 is full of lots of good things for you all. Happy 2013!


Sue said...

I do hope that you have a much better 2013. I can totally understand the anxiety as I deal with it on a daily basis, sometimes anxiety attacks where I have to hide in my bed until it calms down. Happiness and less stress will help I think. I hope your resident snake is long gone too, and I do hope that your family have a healthy, happy 2013!

Frogdancer said...

Good on you Janet. Enjoy the new year and all that it brings!

Suse said...

Here's to health and balance in 2013. And tap dancing.