s s s snake incident

So yesterday I decided to get in before the heat and wash the windows because washed windows make the rest of your house look better without doing a heap of housework. We are also talking a lot about the extension and school stuff so as I went out into the front yard with my bucket and squeegee, Gerard was behind me, chatting. As you do. Then he says, there's a snake. It was behind the old air conditioner that I'd walked right past in short pants and thongs.  It popped its head up and slithered into the area with some tatty pots and stones. I dropped my bucket and squeegee and headed out onto the footpath, being somewhat unreasonably afraid of snakes. I turned and I saw the snake heading towards the front door. Grace and some of her friends were in the front room watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Johnny Depp version). At this point I screamed and the neighbours came out of their houses and gathered around. Meanwhile Gerard had dashed around the back and closed the front door and told the girls about the snake. They thought he was joking! Grace convinced them otherwise. G saw the snake go into the study so I wasn't going to go in and get my phone or use the internet. After trying to look in the phone book with no success (so last century), I went to a friends house and we looked up snake handlers online and found someone to come out. Emily went and got all the kids and took them back to her place.
OMG we had a brown SNAKE in the front garden and in the HOUSE!
This is not the snake that was in our house but a plastic snake the snake man found under the house. The real snake is still at large. Hopefully gone from our house and yard.
Unfortunately I didn't take the snake guy's instruction to seal the study that seriously as I thought there were lots of holes there anyway. I waited in the park talking about what his car might look like and sure enough he drove a four wheel drive ute. I went home, along with a big gaggle of kids. The snake guy was really good and went through the study thoroughly  He also checked the garden and the rest of the house but it looks like our reptile friend has gone or gone to ground.  It's funny but a couple of weeks ago when I was picking mulberries by the woodpile, I thought snake. Anyway he talked to us quite a bit about snakes and how they act. Based on out description he thought it was a brown snake and told us that they are very adaptable. Gerard says that from what he told him, the snake guy thought that it was a snake on the move, passing through. He instructed us to wear long pants and socks last night and to lave the back door open. Just in case. Also suggested we play music with a deep loud base which we have been doing, much to Grace's horror. Gerard and Grace have both been really sensible but I've been a total wimp. Needing to take a seven year old with me while I finished washing the windows. Looking around corners and freaking out just a bit. And to think while I have been avoiding walking by the creek, we had a snake right by our font door!*

Now I'm talking about the snake to anyone who will listen and it turns out there have been a few local snake encounters. Someone in another part of our estate had one in the yard, as did some people who live near the creek. There's also been some sightings down the creek. Maybe it's a good season for snakes. Eek.

* For those who don't know me in real life, we live in middle suburban Melbourne. There is a creek and bushy vegetation fairly close by but there is absolutely nothing rural or bushland fringe about where we live.

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