oops, I forgot to make white christmas

Christmas was a fairly relaxed affair this year. I haven't really felt much Christmas spirit but it has been pleasant nonetheless. On Christmas Eve we shopped at Hassoons and the dour little supermarket nearby, good for cheap vodka. Sort of tidied the house and managed to get the washing put away, the ironing done and some fresh greenery in the vases. My pIan was to make nutella truffles and peppermint patties but the truffle mix looked a bit dodgy and I decided this sweet making thing was most likely not going to work that Christmas Eve. So I decided to concentrate on nori rolls and drinks with friends instead. Later I rescued the abandoned mix and made nutella truffles sitting at the outside table with a drink by my side and lots of nice chat flowing all around. When they tried one the children made faces at the cocoa on the outside but I convinced them to bite through to the truffle and they were given the thumbs up. And then as I was going to bed, checking behind doors for renegade snakes (because as the snake was not caught we don't know for sure that it has gone - even though it is likely to have sought more suitable habitat and lord there are probably snakes everywhere anyway), I realised that there would be no white christmas this year. I've made it for many years and this year I just forgot. Oh well, it's not like it's a health food.
It turned out on Christmas day that mum and Rachael thought that I would bring white Christmas. Like people knew I would make a calendar  How quickly things become habits, traditions. Sometimes I think I would like a different sort of Christmas. One with no presents (except for the children and then only a limited number) and  where instead of lots of dishes we had oysters, one salad, cherries and a ridiculously good blue cheese. Gerard tends to get overwhelmed by the amount of food on offer and I guess I do too. Not that it stops me from eating a few too many chocolates at the end.  The truffles were well received and Rachael made some mince tarts which were very lovely with a crisp shell and a nice not too sweet filling. The calendar also went down reasonably well. I changed my approach which was a photo taken in the month to one of family snapshots even if the photo was taken in a different month. It works better this way I think. Maybe next year I could make an effort to take more family snaps. Anyway Christmas day was lovely. Very relaxed, nice (if over abundant) food, cute Kris Kringles. Not too many presents for the girl. I guess we are actually close to the kind of Christmas I'd like. And perhaps we might have oysters and pavlova for New Year's Eve.
. When we got home I made lentil soup from leftover vegetable crudities, herbs from the garden and leftover parsley from salad making. Goodness, it hit the spot. Boxing Day was spent sleeping, watching DVDs, reading books and sitting outside. Only one of us got properly dressed and it wasn't me or Grace. Dinner was leftovers. Gee I love boxing day. Today is continuing in a similar vein although we are going to go for a family walk and see if there are any snakes by the creek.

The photos are from the Friday before Christmas when we went to look at some Christmas lights in Preston. I found out about them from facebook and it was pretty amusing. Hope you and yours had the kind of Christmas that your family likes and everyone is feeling happy and relaxed.

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