On Wednesday morning I went back to work. I had expected to just do the paperwork and stay for morning tea but ended up staying for lunch as well so I could hang out with my colleagues. Sigh. It was nice to see them and sad to say goodbye. I think, no I know, some were a bit envious that I was leaving. I am the seventh person to quit this year. There was a funny presentation in the tiny tea room with just a few people because everyone was mostly with customers. The card is very sweet and they got me a spotlight voucher which I think was very thoughtful and indeed quite useful.
- This week I have been floating around, not really sure what to do with myself. I'm sleeping but not enough and it requires vodka which is not ideal. Hopefully this phase will pass as I relax into this stage of things. I'm telling myself that my goal is to try some different things, learn some new skills and hopefully be established in a new line of work by the end of next year. It is likely that I will be a customer at my old workplace for a time and I am trying to feel OK about that. I have assured my old colleagues that I will go to another office. They can't serve me anyway and well, it would be awkward.
- I've decided that I don't want to work in high volume service delivery or customer service again. I've done a few jobs like that and I think I'm done with it. One of my immediate plans is to make toys and small items such as needle books and buttons for sale. Not sure this will be a good long term plan for me but I am keen to make things with my hands for a bit and I can play with the web design I want to learn as I go. The craft stall at the fete was pretty successful  we put the prices up from last year  and that was OK. Most of my toys sold, as did the wheat bags and toys made by another mum. Other items were not as successful but I think it's a matter of figuring out what people want or maybe it varies from fete to fete. One thing I realised is that I'm not that good at sitting on a stall. So that is something to work on.

Anyway I am off to a sneaky craft weekend shortly. A slightly different group of people so I am nervous AND excited. Going to sew new clothes for me. And a christmas tree for the sylvanians.


Kaviare said...

I've been thinking about Craft Camp lately. I could do with one about now. Well, a mini-at-home, by myself craft camp will have to do. It's hardly the same. I miss all of our lovely people.

I really do love those buttons a lot.

librarygirl said...

oh do report in about the sneaky camp - on the cream blog if not here...