queensland holiday

It's nearly two months since our holiday in the sun, but nonetheless it must be blogged before I can move on to other topics, other photos. Oh how I miss my sister Betty and my nieces. It was great to see them and really, it was like we had hardly been gone at all. And yet, there is so much of the everyday and incremental life stuff that we both miss out on. So it is kind of bitter sweet looking back. This time was a bit of a last minute arrangement due to me getting some extra leave and I worried that we could really afford it but now nearly two months later we are pretty much caught up so I think there is a lesson there. And as Gerard said, go see your sister, what else are you going to spend your money on? He is generally very frugal, my Gerard, but he also has certain ideas about the usefulness of money and when it is better to spend it. I love that about him, I really do. He also said that taking Grace to QLD means that I am excused from all birthday party duty (apart from Grace's) which I didn't expect but there you go.
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Like always I took lots of photos. Of course I never take enough and I don't think there is a perfect one of the children all together. There are however quite a few photos of the children playing on my new phone. How I love my new phone - I was still learning how to use it then and it seemed to gobble up the power and fail when I needed it most but we are sorted now. And instagram, love, love instagram. It's bought me back to taking daily photos. None of this needing to upload them business. I would have even had enough pictures to blog while I was away if I had been so inclined. Of course I am still going to take and use photos with my big camera but an easy to use pocket camera is a beautiful thing.
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This time we spent some of the time staying in a hotel by the sea. It was a fabulous idea and it meant I didn't feel that I was simply swapping one domesticity for another similar one. It wasn't warm enough to swim in the ocean but the children gave the hotel pool and spa a good work out. There was a fabulous opshopping afternoon where Betty found some plates in a pattern I have been looking for for ages. They were a bit stained but have bleached up to perfection. For some reason the holiday vibe carried over to the time that we spent at their place too.  We went and visited the new house which is looking fabulous. It's exciting to think that on our next trip that's where we'll be staying. On our last day we went to the beach and it was just absolutely perfect. Blue skies, swimming in the sea. children in sun hats building sandcastles.

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  1. I love those photos of the kids playing. They look like the memories I have of playing with my cousins, at about that same age. Lovely.

  2. Beautiful shots, especially the one of the three girls with their eads together

  3. Beautiful photos as always! And how wonderful is Qld? I'm up there at the Sunshine Coast in 5 weeks and I can't wait!

    And you're on Instagram! Hooray! I shall track you down ...

  4. great photos, great holiday - so long ago now....