long time, no blog

I think facebook and pinterest have taken away my will to blog. There's only so much time in the day for computer play and that's where it goes. Not sure that's a good thing. Maybe it is, I don't know. There's a lot about which I don't know at the moment. There's a big unbloggable thing in our life about which I have much to say but well, really I can't. It will all come to a conclusion sometime next year and that's probably saying too much. Everyone is not even being snarky about it on Facebook. I suppose all I can say that is that it is something that totally does my head in.
Waiting for trick or treaters
As does the prospect of leaving work and doing something else. Which I have ideas about but ideas won't maintain the household and what if I end up working twice as hard in the back yard button factory? I've really enjoyed making these buttons but lord, you would have to make and sell a lot of buttons in a week to live off said back yard button factory. Buttons don't mutter insults under their breath like I hear at work but even so working three days a week seems like such an easy gig. Except that it's hideous. Still. And I wonder what I would be like, how I would feel if I did leave. It feels as though the next part of my life won't come until I make this change but I fear I am not being realistic. I wish I'd jumped when I was really unwell. When I had an excuse, because it just doesn't feel very sensible right now and I know I am going round and round in a loop with this. Hmm. Actually my idea doesn't have that much to do with making buttons, but still. Fear.
Learning to make wooden buttons. As g says, nothing is as easy as you think.
I've been making lots of things for the fete and if I was ever going to have a crafty business, or really any sort of business, I would need to work on my getting out of bed and my time management skills. Anyway weekend before last I set myself a goal of making three things a day and I've slipped some days but on the whole I have kept making. There are some things I won't get around too but there is a box of sale items under my desk. Pinterest has come into its own here and I have loved seeing a picture, doing my own drawing and idea and then making something new. Today I'm going to make Japanese folded owls and angora monkeys if I have time. It's good looking up how you might do a monkey face or ears. Have also made tea towel and felt needle books, little glittery purses with much wonk that Grace loves, some quilted satin purses with fabric we found in the hard rubbish, a tapestry purse that I love so much that I might have to make some more, some fluffy bunnies that look a bit like guinea pigs and some weird cats. Oh, and some christmas trees and hearts for the tree. One of the other mothers asked me if items had to be made to a high professional standard and I felt a bit sad and like laughing at the same time but I think it's OK to make with joy and some creativity. The kids love this stuff. And I think the parents will like it too. When you make stuff as part of your routine you forget that other people will either think it is special or that you are totally mad for making a button when you can go to spotlight and buy much more durable plastic buttons for half the price. I get that, but I still like making and using the wooden buttons (and we have got to a better finish with the buttons already).
Double rainbow through dirty window
We're still working on the extension plan and it's freaking me out to be considering leaving work and doing this at the same time. The extension is enough to freak me out by itself but the the two together are a doozy.  So we've been thinking about a smaller extension. Less time to build, less debt and more money for a new stove and finishing. But I'm not sure we shouldn't still go for the dream extension but we have been talking and fighting about the smaller version, so we'll see how that goes.

I am loving my new phone and instagram in particular. Although today I feel like getting out my real camera too. But instagram is well, so instant. And cheesy and fun. I need cheesy and fun.


Stomper Girl said...

They are very lovely buttons.

I hope you keep blogging. I've always loved your blog.

Anonymous said...

I am kind of in love with those buttons.

I feel like blogging fills a different need, these days. All those other things provide quicker, easier connection. But not necessarily deeper. Not that there's a problem with that, they're just different.

Future plans sure are difficult and stressful. Well, that's my wisdom quota for the day...