craft camp

Like Kate said in her craft camp post, I also feel like I've taken all taken all the photos and said all words about how fabulous and delicious craft camp is a million times before. So all I am left with now is the remembrance of the sweet anticipation, the joy and ease of actually being there with some of my favourite people - who I met on the internet - and the tinge of sadness that comes when it is over for a year. This  sadness about craft camp being over is also amplified by the sadness I feel now that my Queensland holiday has been and gone too. And I have a cold that I probably caught on the plane going up. And I have to go back to grinchy old work on Tuesday. I've had my fun and now it is back to real life, which although it has patches of fun, also requires me to do grown up things and washing. Yes, please bring out the violins. . . .
Spring had sprung in Lancefield. The trees were bare but budding, there were daffodils and blossom everywhere and some intermittent blue skies. In between all the magnificent food, snacks and interesting conversations I did get some sewing done. There was remake of a clothes swap skirt into a spindle dress for Grace, a school cponcert outfit for Grace, a remake of an old sun dress into a spindle top for me. I remade it because the dress no longer fit around my breast. I'd hacked it a few times but I love the fabric and I'm pleased to have it in a form I can wear now. Wore it heaps in Queensland. Also made a pair of summer pants which were great but failed and a cardigan which I love but is a bit beige so maybe into the dye pot with that one.

A dirty (as in well loved but also implying a certain amount of scampiness) little Sylvanian rabbit also appeared in my thread box. She had been missed when Sue's daughters gave away all their other Sylvanians once they became too old for them. Grace was absolutely delighted to welcome the little rabbit into her Sylvanian family, who are all about to move into a new purpose built house. She was perhaps even more excited about the dirty little rabbit than the clothes. Oh well.