bye bye toothless terror

I took this photo, along with some others, a couple of weeks ago and at first Grace was pretty reluctant about it. When they came off the camera we looked at them together and I asked her if I could put one of the photos on my blog because mum thinks starting to get your new front teeth is pretty special. She thought for a bit and chose this one. There's been a fair bit of attention on these teeth. She's had a two tooth gap for quite a while - even her beloved teacher referred to her as a toothless terror - and has been missing one of the teeth since she lost it in a backyard scooter accident when she was three.
I've had this awful worry at times that the broken tooth might not grow back, perhaps I misheard something the dentist at the Children's said. Anyway the teeth are nearly full sized now and they look big and very white. Perhaps a little big for her mouth but I'm assuming that she will grow into them. And hopefully not need braces but I'm not that optimistic about that.

It's funny but just as her big teeth are coming in, Grace seems to have reached a new level of maturity. She is really enjoying helping me prepare Friday night dinner (which often involves meat she chooses at the supermarket with her dad) and the the other night she chopped up all the vegetables using the rather sharp chef's knife I bought for her to use. I really enjoy it too, she is a genuine help and we chat the whole time. Grace is also learning to wear jeans rather than just skirts and tights and can do her own hair in a number of cute styles. Her bed is full of books and she loves to read before going to sleep. She still loves a big cuddle but also likes to discuss things in more detail.  It's really rather a lovely stage, I know I say that about all the stages but it is.

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Stomper Girl said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photo. I say that about all the stages too. They just get better and better, kids. It's awesome.