school holidays, so far

Sort of snuck up on me these school holidays did. When I had the negotiation about leave at work, I really didn't think that I'd be there still. Anyway I am glad I asked for them, as my evil plans to leave seem to be moving and developing very slowly. Oh well.
- On Monday, we launched right into the school holiday activity plan with a trip to the Aquarium. Grace, me and mum. It was bitterly cold that morning as it has been every morning this week - so much so that I resist getting up to the most stupid degree. Grace was extremely excited to be going to the aquarium for the second time (ever) and I had never been so I was quite keen. Once we got there, it was OK. I mean I like fish and sharks well enough but the aquarium kind of lacks the wow factor of the zoo, or even the museum. It was also confusing to work out what was where, the map was shite and unlike Australia Zoo there never seemed to be anyone to ask. But yeah, it was OK. I liked the sharks swimming overhead and the big rays and the jellyfish. And I got a good deal with tickets online so I didn't feel ripped off.

- My camera battery died half way through the excusrsion which was a pity as I was enjoying that aspect of it. But I am pleased to have captured the jelly fish. And one of the many visitors taking pictures with their iphone.

On Tuesday we went and had our first meeting with the council about the extension which is at present being designed by the age old method of yelling and fighting. The meeting will be one of many I suspect. Yikes. Yesterday we went to Preston market and made a banana cake. Today we had Nana over for some sewing. I made a doona cover and Grace sewed a pillow case. They turned out pretty well with the absolute minimum of swearing.She was extremely happy to have them on her bed tonight. However I would have to say that this holiday is not as relaxing as I thought it would be.

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Next time you're up north go to Underwater World at Mooloolaba, it is much better than Melbourne Aquarium. It has performing seals, and otters (although last time I was there the otter section was a bit sad and smelly) plus the tunnel with sharks and rays.
Our school holidays have been the hang-around-home all the time type. I have been going to the office and doing end of financial year stuff and the twins have had excessive screen time: computer, DVD and Ally's Nintendo DS that she saved up for and bought second-hand.