good things, not so good things

good things
I know I'm being repetitious but making a new doona cover for Grace out of two old sheets last week was pretty ace. Not only does she love it but it involved an afternoon with Nana with chicken sandwiches and banana cake for lunch. And she got to have a go on the little sewing machine and be helped to make a matching pillow case.

- There is movement on the extension front, our loan application is in (after huge amounts of paperwork that I found totally daunting which is weird because I do heaps of paperwork at work) and we have had the initial meeting with the council. I'm picking the heritage approval will be the trickiest but I am optimistic that we could start work before Christmas or early in the new year.

Eating brussels sprouts with potato and tinned salmon for lunch. The brussels sprouts were on special at the supermarket and they were smallish and very sweet.

- Putting the blanket I've been crocheting on the bed and realising that a) it is more than half done and b) I like it. This has seen a renewed interest in finishing the project which will mean I can then do something else. I've realised I can't focus on multiple projects on the go.

Lots of reading so far this year. At the moment I am reading Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow and quite enjoying. Before that I read Kate Grenville's The Secret River and loved it, reading it in big page skimming gulps - will need to reread. Also pleased to know that there are sequels to look out for.  Grace is reading chapter books now so among other things, I am buying books I read as a child - Little House on the Prairie and Famous Five. Also enjoying reading some kids books we didn't have, like the Rowan of Rin series.  Haven't written up my reading yet, and all the read books are in a pile beside my desk, but my goodness I feel better for reading.

not so good things
Eating lunch in the tea room upstairs (I am one of the few downstairs people who eats there) and having the thought that I could just climb up onto the balcony edge and topple face first into the street below and then I wouldn't have to go back for the afternoon hell shift. I dismissed this thought as a stupid fantasy but it was disturbing nonetheless.

- Worry about what I am going to do next. Are my ideas plausible and realistic? Will I be able to get another job if my other plans don't work out? Knowing that things need to/will change and being totally fearful about it. This gets worse as time goes on - there is something to be said for just taking the plunge I suppose.

It's cold and damp. Feck, I loathe winter. Lord knows how I would go living somewhere that has a real, utterly cold winter with ice and snow.

* * *
I think it's important to note here, that there are more good bits than bad.


Karen said...

Hello Janet. I don't know whether I have ever commented on your blog before, but I wanted to let you know that I love your honesty and your endeavour and I feel huge affection for you. Best of luck for new job plans, extension application and craft projects!

Anonymous said...

My version of that has been 'well, if I get hit by a bus at least I'll get a lie down/ won't have to deal with those people (usually work people)'. Not encouraging. File that one under 'something needs to change'. Easier said than done, sometimes, though.

Hope you are able to take the plunge soon - to change things, I mean, not out the window. Obviously. Don't do that.

Stomper Girl said...

LOL Kate.

Big change IS scary, no getting away from it. I get very paralyzed thinking about major change too, but I suppose there does come a point when you feel ready to gird your loins. Meantime, it's great that you are counting your blessings.

Suse said...

Taking the plunge is so daunting but there comes the tipping point where not taking it is worse. Big breaths, and in the meantime hooray for sewing afternoons with family, and Reno plans!