5 reasons to love craft camp - even though I could probably think of 100


1. I get to hang out with my people. My lady friends from the computer as I explain to Grace. You know who you are and you are all awesome and totally special. It is lovely to sit and chat, to catch up, to be silly and serious.
2. Removal from family. Gerard drove me up and as Grace had a pupil free day we turned it into family fun at the opshop and in downtown Lancefield. It was great until the day started to fritter away and it was time to be at Sewjourn. Luckily they were keen to make a move too.
3. Food. We say this everytime but it s great everytime. One meal. The rest get cooked for you, beautifully with love and care. Why can't real life be more like this?
4. Making stuff. Sometimes for me the craft gets a bit periperal but this time I came away with a mended long woollen house skirt, a bag of jumpers zip up top, a hoody for Grace - which she likes!, a denim skirt and an unwearable green top. It wasn't cut on the straight and it looks funny. Yeah, you win some and lose some. I also made some project bags for my knitting and started a pair of socks.
5. Taking pictures. They're all here. Actually that was a bit of a highlight for me this time. Especially the fog. I wish I'd taken some more standing in the middles of the road but it didn't seem such a good idea at the time as the fog was quite thick.



Duyvken said...

Beautiful photos Janet! Really, really special.

Stomper Girl said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, love your work. I don't believe I've stopped thinking " why can't real life be more like Craft Camp?" ever since I got home. It was a super lovely time, a little female utopia. Thanks to you and Suse for organizing and inviting me. Cx

librarygirl said...

ah lovely, looking forward to seeing you at the next one!

Suse said...

Gosh that last photo is mesmerisingly beautiful. I'm glad you didn't take more of them though (the middle of the road ones) as it makes me a slightly anxious to look at. off to look at your Flickr now, xx

Michelle said...

Beautiful photos. Craft camps are the BEST!

Anonymous said...

That fog/road photo is...well, I'm speechless. It is Very Good.
As for hanging out with "my people", I can't believe my good fortune - I discovered blogland probably 6 years ago and...my people were there. All this time and I didn't know. I regularly encounter people who denigrate my bloggy (internet) contacts, but it has been so splendid since. Very few of "my people" are in this town, so I value the craft camp phenomenon Sooo Much.

Anonymous said...

I love when you can feel a photo rather than just see it...great shots!