Queensland holiday photos

I'm making some progress moving through all the stuff on my to-do list. Some of it good, some of it painful (either in the boring I don't want to do this sense or in the I wish things were different sense). Working through the holiday photos was actually pretty easy and fun once I got started. Although there were some I wish things were different and I could see Betty and the girls more often and without shelling out for interstate travel thoughts. It could be worse, they could have moved overseas but still I'm working hard to maintain some degree of rose tinting in my glasses.


That's the girls with the bronzed Steve Irwin family at Australia Zoo. They would have liked to see Bindi but we just missed that one. Australia Zoo was great,quite expensive but great. And every time some one needed to go to the toilet, one just had to turn around and there one be one nearby. Quite a useful feature when out with children. The animals were also extreme nice looking and their cages had that raked gravel look. We asked a keeper who was playing with some cuddly looking Tasmanian devils and she said that they don't let them fight and they are groomed everyday. I don't know whether that is a good thing from the animal point of view but it all felt very well run.


There were lots of animals and the like to have photos taken on and they loved this one of the crocodile. We went to one of the shows with the crocodiles and birds and it was very entertaining. Especially the way the birds of prey swooped in to the arena. The crocodiles were pretty scary too.

The girls played pretty well and once again they seemed very sure of their cousinly relationship. Maeve had her first go with my camera and took a surprisingly OK photo of me. I miss them already and have been making plans to visit again in the not too distant future. Perhaps in conjunction with a holiday that has a pool and a mini bar. We'll see closer to the time because we are also thinking the winter desert and hot springs with a side trip.


Work last week was pretty bad and I lasted two days which I actually think was quite good going, all things considered. I suppose I did make it worse by saying what I think on one occasion but bugger it, what are they going to do, sack me? Thursday I didn't go to work as I didn't really sleep and all on Wednesday and I was a mess. Not to mention tired. But too racy to sleep during the day. Oh well, I have a doctor's appointment on Friday and various other things on the go. Next week should be fun. But I think it will get better after that.

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Suse said...

Some thoughts.
The bronze Irwin family is quite disturbing, really.
I miss the days of train tracks through the house.
Lovely red lamp, Betty!
Hooray for cousins.
Take care with the work/doctor stuff.