some things I didn't blog about

I forgot to blog about craft camp way back in March. Of course, it was excellent as usual. Good company, good food and lots of time at the sewing machine faffing around with sylvanian costumes and toys for the fete our school is yet to have. There is now less time to wait for the next craft camp than has passed since the last one. Sure I have been busy but my slackitutude with blogging amazes even me.


I fully intended to blog about Grace's first tap dancing performance. Grace was keen enough to take the initiative and ask Miss Caroline about being in it. While I was at craft camp I think. Even though she had only been tap dancing for four weeks or so. But I needn't have worried, Caroline has it set up so it is fun and inclusive and although there's no real pressure there is enough excitement that the kids all do their best. I had all sorts of proud mum moments and may have even shed a small tear or two.


Every year I blog about Grace's birthday and how pleased I am that she is growing up and how I want to spend time with her as a baby/toddler/small child again. Now I'm still a little nostalgic every now and then but mostly I just love spending time with my girl. She's smart, loving, kind, funny and generally pretty good company. I like it that we don't have to do any of that bottom stuff any more, that she can get off a bus or a tram and that she can read a story book to her cousins. Not so pleased when she reads my Facebook over my shoulder but we're working on that. Happy sevens Grace.


This year for Grace's party we had three friends over for a slumber party. We had dinner outside on one of the last balmy nights for the season and I thought I had made the most kid friendly meal imaginable after consultation with Grace but not so. Anyway. More pavlova for the pavlova lovers. After dinner and a pinata, the kids took heaps of books out to the tent and read by torchlight until they were ready to go to sleep. They slept all night in the tent without any issues at all. When they got up, G made them toast and then I made pancakes with raspberries. Then they all went off to another party.

I stayed home and got ready to go to Queensland. Which will have to be another post because I haven't done the photos yet. There, that wasn't so hard was it?


Stomper Girl said...

I think there's a few of us suffering from blog slackivitis, me included. But you're inspiring me.

I think you're brave having slumber parties, I've avoided them so far. And actually I don't really have happy childhood memories of having them either, I was usually the one who ended in tears.

meg said...

I thought that is Miss Caroline I saw in the pics. So full of energy!!

Suse said...

How did I miss this post? Hope you're travelling week my friend. Happy belated seventh to Grace!