home again, home again

We've been home a few days and the laundry is mostly done if not all folded and put away. I kind of wish I was still camping again - next to a tree fringed waterhole with silky cool brown water - even with the teenagers and their wild jumps and talks of facebook and rodeos.

My computer is still with dad and I am getting a tad anxious - G's computer works just fine but it is slow and doesn't have all my stuff on it. I'm keen to download my photos and get started on the year's work. Oh well, they have probably gone away for the weekend and will be back soon.

It's stinky hot in here so perhaps best I should stop. Really just had to update my reading list as suprise of surprises I am reading heaps. Three books so far for the year - Bel Canto by Ann Patchett which I liked, and obscure Australian opshop novel I devoured in a day and The White Earth by Andrew McGahan which I loved. Urgh this computer is so slow I have to wait for the type to catch up....


  1. Glad you have a great holiday! Looking forward to seeing the photos. And I hope you get your computer back soon, all fixed and sparkly!

  2. It'll be WEEKS before we've unpacked and hosed down and folded washing is in cupboards! Hold on to those camping images, Lovely. I think we should trade camping hot spots for future reference!

  3. I came here a week ago to say how pleased I was to hear you liked Bel Canto, my favorite book in the world. But blogger ate my comment so here I am a week later trying again. Welcome home and back to real life ...

  4. I loved both Bel Canto and The White Earth. I haven't been able to get into any other of Andrew McGahan's books though.
    Swimming in silky cool brown water sounds sublime. Looking forward to photos.