holiday and onions

I think I've pretty much run out of things to say for the the time being. I'm tired and a little fraught. Work has been well, work. I have been looking forward to my holiday and one day last week during my tea break I expressed this to a colleague and he made a great point of the fact that I would be back in two and bit weeks and that nothing would have changed. Like, way to rain on my parade dude. Kind of reminds me of when I used to get sad on Fridays because it meant that the weekend would be over soon. Anyway. That is not going to happen. Tonight I was ridiculously excited. On Sunday we embark on a family holiday adventure, a road trip with camping and exploring. Hopefully there will be swimming in the ocean, opshopping and the odd afternoon tea. Oh and knitting. I have even made an executive decision that we are going to upgrade our camp seating from upturned buckets to camp chairs. Much better for knitting.
Our garden has been green and lush and suddenly producing all this food. Anyone who visits is likely to leave with an armful of onions or a bag of potatoes. Or some beans, or lettuce. Corn and tomatoes to come soon. Also lots of basil. We've had berries and plums. There has been plum ice cream, stewed plums, plums to eat and a serious amount of plum jam. Depending on the codling moth, apples and quinces to come.

OK that's it for now. See you on the other side.


Frogdancer said...

ooo onions!!!

Stomper Girl said...

Two weeks spent as you described sounds more than enough to chase away the work blues! Have a great time.

Michelle said...

Have a fantastic holiday!

Did you wallop your colleague? What a nob.

Janet said...

I wish I had walloped my colleague but um, code of conduct issues and all that. Besides I didn't realise it was really a bit mean until later. We specialise in dour and gallows humour at my workplace.