the path

All winter I have been stepping gingerly through mud and across wobbly bits of wood and temporary paving. I told myself that I didn't mind, that eventually there would be a path to the front door. Then one day after some discussion, a couple of arguments and this and that, work began on stage two of the front yard paving project. I don't have the photos of it yet but the paving is pretty much finished and let me tell you, it is fucking fantastic. G has done a fantastic job with various scavenged materials and the path is a joy to walk on. It really is.
The path is laid on white pebbles which were brought to our house by the young men a couple of doors up. They were getting rid of the pebbles and were more than happy to wheelbarrow them over. It was all very neighbourly and meant that we didn't need to buy gravel. Actually, apart from a new inner tube for the wheelbarrow, we didn't buy anything for the path project. There were even enough of the stones left over to make a little path through the front garden. It's kind of cheesy and not worn yet in but I like it greatly. Pictures to come in a bit.
Although Gerard did pretty much all the work, I spent an hour or so one afternoon digging bricks up from a part of the back yard that hopefully will one day be covered in extension. This endeavour made me realise how disturbingly unfit I had become, what with the achilles tendon and general slacktitude. The good news is that I am in week two of my new walking routine and even though I am only doing it twice a week so far, I can feel some basic fitness returning quickly. Indeed the walk this morning was so pleasurable that I walked quite a bit further than I planned. 


Kel said...

Mr X says 'good on ya mate,happy wife=happy life'


Stomper Girl said...

Ooh, will be excited to see the pics of your path. Love that it was made from found objects.