summer solstice

Today felt very longest dayish to me. I remarked to a couple of people at work that it was summer solstice and they seemed to think it was a bit funny I should know that. But anyway it did feel like we had reached a peak and for the first time in ages, it wasn't even that busy. I made a stupid and embarrassing mistake with a customer and unfortunately once I realised what I had done, I had to fix it. It was participation rather than payment related but I had to eat some humble pie. The customer was surprisingly gracious about it.  Given that I was starting to hack up a lung and not feeling all that flash and given that I also set off the duress alarm by mistake earlier in the day I asked if I could go home early. What a relief. Met the family in the supermarket and we ambled around filling the trolley with potato chips, pickles, soft drink, cream and vodka.

I like this part of summer. It's only just dark at nine o'clock. Dinner is always late because it's still so light. There are birds nesting and feeding their young under the front porch eaves. Parrots screech around looking for fruit or nuts. Then there's the sounds of firecrackers in the court - maybe they are practising for new year? And older kids out playing late.The hum of insects. All the lush fruit - the supermarket had the most amazing cherries today and yesterday the organic shop had perfect apricots. The other day I saw some cherry plums in the shop and made jam on a whim. It is perfectly sour. I haven't had to wear proper shoes for ages. Last night the neighbours had a party and the sounds drifting over the fence were kind of homey and neighbourly. We've planned a holiday. There's dinner in the park tomorrow night and again on Saturday. Christmas is nearly here and I have food to cook and wrapping to do but it's all under control.

Happy Summer Solstice!

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