shopping centre christmas

Yesterday we went to norflands to do a spot of Christmas shopping, altogether, as a family. There was one small argument at the beginning about where to park but as it turns out, I was right. There were plenty of effortless car parks on the roof. On the way to target to buy a book (I know, buying books at target kind of wrong on lots of levels) we stopped off at the shop with the footy memorabilia and debated whether to buy a carlton or collingwood punching bag.  Grace sung the carlton song and the guy at the shop claimed to be an avid blues fan. Later I wondered if he changed his team for each customer. Thankfully we left empty handed.

After Target we headed to JB Hifi and by this time I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the noise, lights and all the stuff! I helped Grace with her Kris Kringle obligations and we left G there. He took a long time so I suspect he did a lot of his Christmas shopping in one fell swoop. I gave Grace a choice of nori or icecream for morning tea and she couldn't decide on which nori and then the ice cream shop wasn't there any more so on a whim I suggested slushie drinks. I had come down with a bit of a cold and ice was very appealing. She chose the *strawberry* which claimed to have fruit in it but was so chemically flavoured that she didn't like it at all. I had a frozen coke. Mmmm coke. Pandering to the not so new obsession with all flavours cola.

Eventually G joined us again and we checked out the dvds and books at the rather good remaindered book stall. Want a copy of Jane Brocket's The Gentle Art of Knitting? There's a whole stack of them for $20 each at Northland near the ABC shop. Also quite a few flash looking cookbooks - I bought Bill Granger's Simple Food for $20 and was tempted to buy Apples for Jam, a book by Kylie Kwong and another by Luke Ngyuen. There was also a great gardening book by Shirley Stackhouse and another by Jackie French. Maybe next Christmas. Last year I went to visit the stall after Christmas and it had gone. Anyway, it feels good to have the Christmas shopping done and dusted. Mostly wrapped too!


Stomper Girl said...

I'm doing mine tomorrow, and assaying Doncaster. Uurrgh. Be good when it's done, but.

Frogdancer said...

Oh my goodness Grace is growing up!!!

Michelle said...

You're way ahead of me! I still haven't wrapped a thing, and I have yet to get my mum a magazine subscription but I'm waiting for payday on Thursday to do that. Also have a little cold so have stayed home today - might take the opportunity to do some wrapping while I'm here.

Merry Christmas to you and G and Grace! Hope it's a wonderful day for you all.

shadygrey said...

ooh good score on the books, wish I had been there. Best wishes for a lovely Christmas.