Christmas 2011

It wasn't my idea to host Christmas at our place this year and if I'm honest there were some times I had to remind myself not to grumble about it (I did a little bit, sorry). This got harder when I came down with an annoying summer cold three days before. But all things considered, Christmas lunch went rather well. Our house doesn't have a room big enough to seat nine in comfort so we planned to sit outside under the big canvas camping tarp. G made a long table and we even scored some nice outdoor chairs in the hard rubbish. We started haunting the weather forecast the week before. It started out looking good but two days before, storms seemed imminent. A plan B was hatched and we extended the table in the kitchen and planned how to seat everyone around it. I planned how we might manage serving from and sitting in the kitchen. As it turned out we didn't need the plan B but the weather was so freaky that I was glad to have it. Indeed having a plan B made for a certain relaxed attitude towards the weather.
afterwards the hail really came down
We kept lunch fairly simple; cold roast chicken and salads - including by special request Berliner potato salad which includes apple and pickle juice. There was also a big bowl of luscious cherries, nibbles, chocolates, various drinks and my mum's sago plum pudding with spice sauce, cream and ice cream. There was a certain point in the afternoon when I realised that I could not eat another thing! It was lovely sitting under the tarp - there was plenty of space for everyone and there were glimpses of the garden from most seats one seat though had a pretty unrelenting view of junk and the side of the garage - but still, it was mostly good. After lunch there was some random hail, but it was still warm and almost sunny, but a nearby cloud was spitting out odd bits of hail with no rhythm or pattern. Very strange. We sat around under the tarp and Grace tried to put hail down Nina's back. Later after nearly everyone had gone, I heard this roar in the distance and went down the park to investigate. Couldn't see anything but somewhere close by was getting a pelting with big hail.Oh well, what's a Christmas without freak weather of some sort?


librarygirl said...

looks a bit like camping! lovely Janet - happy New Year to you all xx

Frogdancer said...

Looks like fun!

Stomper Girl said...

Amazing you didn't get hit! I've never hosted a Christmas and I KNOW I would grumble if I had to, so you're not alone there. Your garden is looking great, and Grace's Christmas dress is lovely.

victoria said...

It looks so great in the backyard!! I always love your Christmas photos.