yesterday, today and tomorrow

yesterday - I pulled out my sewing machine and the big pile of mending that has been blocking the light and sewed and patched and turned favourite size 6 sun dresses into (hopefully) favourite size 8 skirts. Mum came over before lunch and sat and chatted as I mended. It was pleasant, kind of like what we used to do when we lived in Brunswick and Grace was little and before I worked 3 days a week. After a slacker lunch of corn chips, dips, chopped up vegetable and home-made lemon delicious ice cream , Grace dragged her Nana back home for a two night sleepover. Left to my own devices the pace slowed a little, but I did manage to patch a flower over an accounting firm logo on the polar fleece I bought at Savers a while ago. Perfect for camping.
today - work, not too taxing really. It wasn't very busy. I'm feeling much better, although despite my doctor suggesting that I starting weaning off the anti psychotic, I feel better taking them. I sleep all thorough the night and what a difference that makes. My thoughts stay where I put them and there is hardly an anxious moment at all. Still. I suppose I will have to wean off them. Work has at my request drafted a return to work plan and while it means we have talked about my issues, a good thing I suppose, it hasn't really got to the heart of why work has been one of the triggers when I have been unwell. They think I should change my working days so that I work two days, have a day off and then work Friday. Haven't had a chance yet to formally say, I don't think so. I can't see that it would help, my issues are much more around me not meeting a perceived and somewhat moveable performance standard. Anyway it would be inconvenient for G and work he has arranged. And bugger it, I like my long weekends.
tomorrow - Grace comes home. It's kind of nice to have a little break from the routine but the house feels all quiet and empty without her. We've talked on the phone but we both miss her being here. Need to start planning a mini camping trip and some holiday activities. Including the much pleaded for Norfland trip.Why does she love going to Norfland so much?

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Stomper Girl said...

Love the flower patch but I don't love Norflands (there's 2 of them didn't you know?) either. Do you have to come off the good drugs if they're working so well? Are there side effects or something?