we could call it cream camp

Or perhaps The Lancfield Sanitorum for weary mothers who work delivering government services. On Friday I  woke up all groggy, my face stuck in the pattern of the pillow and impossible to move. Packing seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. However with some encouragement from G, who seemed rather keen for me to go, I got through it and made some frozen yoghurt and then Sue arrived to chaffeur me there (I am on too many drugs to drive once again which also meant I couldn't do the airport run ). And pretty much as soon as we were on the freeway, my mood started to settle and look forward to being at Sewjourn. On the way, we stopped at some opshops, as you do and bumped into Gill in one of the Romsey opshops. As you do. Then we arrived at Sewjourn and were greeted by Jenny, Kate and EleanorTania, Suse, Kate, Stomper joined us as the day and weekend wore on. As each person arrived there was much joyousness. As Gill says, this is my/our tribe. Once upon a dance floor I may have sort of belonged to a different tribe, and I have my mob at home in the 'hood but I was always destined to truly belong here as well. It's kind of funny to think that it is the internet that has bought this group of crafty and mostly middle aged (although some of us are not middle aged at all - we are a bit diverse that way) women together.
Anyhow, what made it good for me this time? The pleasant convivial company of these beautiful women. As always. Beautiful food cooked and presented with love and care. Yummy desserts - toffee pecan pie and lemon tart. Chestnut cheesecake for afternoon tea. All with lashings of cream! Yum. The savoury components of the meals were just as good and really, I have to say it was a particularly outstanding craft camp foodwise. Making, and seeing making all around me. I made a cotton top for work and a skirt out of linen I bought for pants. Didn't realise I'd cut into the wrong piece of fabric until I'd nearly finished making the skirt. Oh well, probably can't have too many black linen skirts in Melbourne. Cast on a jumper and didn't get it quite right, but figured out the stitch so not a waste of time. Made some project bags for the fete that will no doubt happen one day. Also another aspect that was really good was the absence of the day to day, being away from the 'hood, away from my life. Overall I like my life and where I live but there is much to be said for being away from it for a short while. Perspective and all that.
Also, and I think it deserves a paragraph all to itself, the feeling of being nurtured, of being held by the group was very important for me this weekend. This is the second weekend this year when a perilous mental state has coincided with craft weekend. I've asked myself the question and I don't think I become unwell because craft weekend is coming up but, the confluence is interesting to me. Eleanor insisted we swap beds so that I could retreat into a bedroom by myself. And she did it in such a kind and thoughtful way that I felt OK accepting. All round people were kind and generous and lovely and well, I just hope I've bought some of that home with me. To last until next time.

And yes, there were lashings of cream. Indeed I think I returned with more cream than I took with me.


Kel said...

being nurtured, held by a group (even if a group of 2 or 3), is something we all long for
not many of us get it
so glad you did

Suse said...

There is something very sacred about the space we hold at craft camp. I'm glad you brought some peace (as well as cream) home with you. I always love coming home from sewjourn - I love my day to day life that little bit more through being away from it with all you precious women.

Stomper Girl said...

You and Suse have only yourselves to thank for it being such an ace weekend full of lovely peeps, seeing as you two co-ordinated it. Thanks again for a gorgeous weekend. Cx

Eleanor said...

Oh Janet. Thank you.

I still can't quite fathom how I managed to find you, Suse and the other beautiful women I'm now so proud to call my friends.

librarygirl said...

It was such a lovely time. Have been thinking about you all today. xx

Tania said...

I'm with Stomper. It's all the ace-ness of you and Suse that accounts for the fabulousness of the weekend (I'm still blethering on about it back home). You're wonderful, J.