norflands, norflands, norflands, norflands

Grace has been asking and asking me to take her on the bus to norflands over the school holidays. She has pretty set ideas about what we will do when we get there and they revolve around nori rolls for lunch and a haircut from a hairdresser. I on the other hand view it as an opportunity to torture her with chainstore after chainstore, trying things on and buying shoes - there are many many things I'd rather do than a trip to norflands so normally they do coincide with her shoes being too small. Mind you she grows whenever your back is turned so maybe we get to go more often than you think.
The bus trip was lovely - excited, well behaved child - mother as yet unsullied by the shopping mall malaise. Grace decides that she wants to get her hair cut first off - a short bob with a very short fringe. We take a seat at the hairdresser and I do wonder if this is wise but they have cut Grace's hair before. Anyway Grace is sitting in the chair having her hair spritzed and combed out and the hairdresser calls me over and says she can't do Grace's hair and shows me a huge granddaddy louse. She tells me not to come back for at least two weeks after they have been treated and I mumble and feel embarrassed. But then I remember the suspicion I once had that we may have caught nits there the first time around. Sigh, that one has slipped through to the keeper. Anyway, I am now sitting here typing with the the green shower cap on. Tried combing them out but I  appear to have generations of lice living on my head too. Ick. Total bad mother moment.

So we head towards Kmart via Lincraft and I decide that it's too early for lunch but that morning tea is in order. I'm hoping to spot somewhere that sells steamed dumplings but in a moment of weakness decide on spanish donuts. Grace isn't sure but I cajole her with the promise of a babycino. And it turn s out to be a good idea. My coffee is pretty good for a shopping mall coffee, the babycino has flowers on top and is served with a smile. And while I've had better churros, these ones are made to order and pretty dam tasty. Nearly makes up for the nits at the hairdresser moment. Kmart has no summer school dresses and no size 8 clothes suitable for a six year old. Sigh. Target is better and we buy a nice dress, some t-shirts including Grace's first black one which she talks me into. Is six too young to be wearing black? Again, most clothes that come in size 8 are not suitable for a six year old in my view. Actually I don't think I'd buy them for an eight year old either. Sigh. Still, I explained to Grace that I would only buy her clothes that she could play in and that were for kids. And that she was too young to wear clothes for "ladies". She got the idea.
Next stop, shoes. Sandals and runners. I do love a kids shoe shop where the staff measures their feet and offers suitable choices. We were in and out within half and hour. By this time Grace is well and truly moaning and groaning and I am turning into meanie mum. Norflands has sucked the lifeforce from me and I just want to be somewhere else but have promised Grace nori rolls for lunch. We slink past the hairdressers with our lousy hair and sit down to eat nori rolls for lunch. Afterwards the bus seems takes ages to come but eventually we are home again. We pull out everything we have bought and it seems reasonable enough. I have a little nana nap and Grace slips off to watch some school holiday tv.

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victoria said...

I tried to comment on the nits issue the other day but your blog wouldn't let me.
I did want to say - I've had two kids turned away from haircuts due to the hairdresser finding nits too, what a moment!
I enjoyed all your holiday photos but the ones from the latest post are my favorite.