Just looked at airfares online. Hoping that I would find something cheap enough to justify swapping a weekend's camping for a long weekend in Queensland with the cousins. Um, no - even if it was just me and Grace - far too expensive to do at the last minute. Sometimes I wish I was rich. Anyway tonight I was going to write about leaving but what is there to say? We packed up the car, said our goodbyes and drove down the drive and up the road. We stopped at the mushroom farm for a kilo of mushrooms* and then found the freeway and started heading south.
I took a few photos before we left - crazily dashing around trying to preserve memories. I like the posed ones of the cousins - the one above and this one. There's something about the set shot that has a particular poignancy to it. I can also see how tall they are in relation to each other. Shown together they don't really look as tall as the do against other kids their ages. That's another way of saying they are all tall for their age but it doesn't stand out when they're together. Even though little Maeve looks a bit sad, I also like this photo which I must have taken from the car or as I was strapping Grace in.
It was easier driving down the freeway than the way we came through the mountains. The car sort of felt like home and I picked up my interminable (and ripped out and restarted but still not finished) hat knitting. We were full of the experiences of the road trip and time with family. It was sort of exciting being back on the road and I can't remember whether I missed them all just after we left but I certainly do miss them now.
*G doesn't think a meal is a meal without mushrooms so we can go through a kilo just like that.

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