Grace's socks

Queensland in winter, what can I say? It was freezing cold in the morning and in the evening and pretty much most of the time except for between 10.00am and 3.00pm when if you sit in the sun, it is too warm to wear shoes or a long sleeved top. Other times the woolens and thermals received a good work out. Just as well I finished my stripey noro socks! I was worried they would be a bit scratchy but after a wash the wool is soft enough.* So I made a pair for Grace too, in a bright rainbowy sort of colour.She has worn them quite a bit and shows a delightful appreciation of the handmade item. Mine are a low calf length and hers are not quite knee length. Interestingly there was a dropped stitch on the front of the ankle on one of her socks and one of mine. I decided to fix it rather than unravel them.
I'm pretty pleased with the pattern. I definitely prefer knitting toe up socks. Give me an absurdly easy turkish cast on over a kitchener stitch toe any day. I much prefer the short row heel too. The one I used doesn't require wraps and once I figured out that I needed to use stitch markers (I like the small elastic bands that I can slip on my thumb) and that the placement of the extra stitch determined whether or not there would be holes in the heels, it was really easy. Much easier than a turned heel. Didn't bother with jogless stripes, I can't for the life of me get it right and it doesn't show that much in the noro, so I decided to go with the imperfection. I also discovered on this trip that I can knit in the car as long as it's not to complicated. Knitting is also perfect for those times on holiday when you just want to sit around and knit. Really, is there anywhere you can't take knitting?
*note from the future they are my absolute favourite socks and I will definitely be wearing them on chilly summer evenings with my birks.


Kel said...

cool socks
weather here can't decide if its still winter or actually spring . . .
socks one day
no socks the next

suse said...

I'm loving this series of catch up holiday posts.

librarygirl said...

love those socks, Janet

Acton Belle said...

Totally loving the socks, Janet.

miss betty said...

them's nice socks indeed