OK so I still have some posts to do from the July school holidays. Which I would like to get done by the next holidays which are fast approaching. So please excuse the rambling and non sequential timeline happening here.  The new drugs while making me a bit drowsy seem to have improved my ability to focus get things done. Who'd have thought? Anyway, best take advantage of that while it lasts.
roadside protest
One of the good things about our new Camps 6 book is that it can lead you to places just a little way off the highway that mightn't otherwise. After camping at Yarramalong Weir, we drove to Toowoomba via a place called Felton. G stopped the car and asked me to take some photos of the signs by the road opposing the so called "clean coal" proposal for the area. Back home I googled the area and found the Friends of Felton site.
road trip humour
food not fumes
That was a good morning. We were all full of excitement about seeing Betty, Cam and the girls. There were poo jokes and hilarity galore. Our desination seemed near. We thought we'd get there early in the day but we hadn't counted on driving and getting lost in Toowoomba. Next post will be about being in Queensland and seeing the cousins and the rest of the family.

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