We got lost in Toowoomba after a detour from the main route in search of opshops. Once off the main route, it seemed impossible to find it again. But several service stations and convenience stores later we did and after some flood related detours, we made to Esk for a late lunch. I bought ham, avocado and tomato from the supermarket to make sandwiches for lunch which we ate to the sound of two somewhat disturbed youngsters breaking up in the park. Ahem. Not pretty.
Absolutely no time to look for opshops now and we headed towards our destination. I don't know why we decided to go the back way, but we did. At some point I started ringing Betty for directions and we conversed and texted as we went in and out of range. We weren't going to get there as early as we hoped. It was very exciting nonetheless.
By the time we got to Montville, we were well and truly ready to be there and out of the car. But we couldn't find the road and then we did, it was closed because of the floods. More phone calls and we found out that there was another road, a secret hunchy road, not marked on the map. Luckily once we arrived in town, I remembered how to get to their house and as we drove up the drive, it felt great and strange all at the same time. We'd never arrived at Betty's place in our own car before. It was so great to get there. To take up where we left off. Grace and her cousins Maeve and Ruby-Lee seemed to take up where they left of too. All the way up as Gerard and I made arrangements for our own little side trips Grace was most concerned that she got to spend as much time with the girls* as possible. I'm sort of homesick and nostalgic and missing them all over again just thinking about it.
* Mum refers to Ruby-Lee and Maeve as the "girls" quite a lot.

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miss betty said...

yes. We enjoyed your visit too, wish we could do it more often, sigh...