and so we were off..... (part one of the camping narrative)

Leaving to go camping is almost always fraught. This time there seemed to be so many things holding my attention on the day before we left. The day I should have been finishing the mending and packing the big red esky with our food supplies. While I'm glad I finished the school council minutes, some of the other stuff, well perhaps it would have been best left undone/unsaid. Unbloggable issues and all that. Never mind, we revised our goals and the new aim was to leave around lunch time on Saturday. I might have swore a few times as I scrambled for plastic jars for the jam and tried to plan how much rice and muesli we needed. But we were packed around midday.
first morning
Gerard packed the car and eventually we walked around the house checking that all the windows were shut and things were turned off and that we hadn't left anything important behind. I settled into the navigation seat and we turned up Sydney road and headed for the Hume. We took the exit  to the freeway and I don't think it saves any time from where we live. The first petrol stop was a bit exciting and it felt like we were really on the road at last. We decided that as there wasn't that much of the day left that we would head for Tocumwal and camp at the town beach. I was a bit shocked when we got there that it was $10 per person and if I hadn't seen the sign that kids were free, I got the feeling the caretaker would have been pretty happy to take $30 from us. This was where I used to camp when I would drive to Queensland or Byron Bay by myself in my Honda Civic. Twenty years ago, $3.50 a night seemed reasonable to camp somewhere quick and safeish. This time I looked at the camping spots across the river and decided $10 a night is a lot to pay for a toilet and the company of lots of caravans and campervans.
Anyway it was getting dark so we decided that it was OK. We hadn't collected wood on the way so once the tent was up, Gerard went to get wood and I sorted out the campsite a bit. It became apparent that I had forgotten something pretty important - pillows for me and Grace! Oh well. We made our beds and cooked something for dinner over the fire. It was good to be on the road. The next morning we ate our muesli and fruit around the fire and got ready for the next part of the journey.

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