craft weekend

Like always craft weekend was gorgeous. An interlude of sewing and knitting and being amongst beautiful like minded women (two of who are blogless and awesome nontheless). As always it was delightful to be served wonderful meals that I had no hand in making. It was good to cook mindfully for others knowing that I only had to do it once. Although it must be said that I did somehow end up with the easiest cooking option this weekend - and sorry if all that silverbeet made anyone fart uncomfortably. I must say too that I love how we do the do it yourself breakfast these days, perfect for the late sleeping introvert that can barely utter a sentence before strong coffee and a few rows of knitting. Also I find it funny that I would almost consider myself a knitter now - perhaps it was realising a long standing ambition of mine to wear knitted by me socks at craft camp.
june craft weekend
1. barbie in her catsuit, 2. fence, 3. studio scene, 4. arbour in winter, 5. last of the leaves, 6. self portrait, 7. window, 8. penstemon and agapantha seed heads, 9. dusk, 10. studio, at work, 11. sock critters, 12. magpie, 13. barbie in her new frock, 14. jenny and suse, 15. singer in the angel light, 16. suse in the angel light, mim in the background, 17. daytime view, 18. near the fruit shop, 19. sue, pondering, 20. walk to the shops

Sewjourn itself was full of beautiful winter light and shadows. Clear, watery blue skies and the last of the autumn leaves hanging on the trees. It might always seem the same, in a homey welcoming sort of way, but there is also something new to see each time.Wasn't the most productive churn it out weekend for me but I try not to worry about that so much any more. I've found that if I put pressure on myself that I make lots of mistakes. This weekend I came home with a new woollen skirt from an old pleated skirt that I had unpicked and remade using an Ottobre pattern. It's a tinch shorter than I'm used to and the first day I wore it to work I kept thinking it was riding up at the back and that everyone could see my bottom, but seriously it sits just below the knee and I'll get used to it because it is rather lovely. Also made a dark red t-shirt that just needs a new neck band and a wash. Oh, and I made a small knitting bag out of grey silk with a bit of linen tea towel decoration. It's for socks and is small and unbulky which means I can easily stuff it in my handbag. Also made a needle roll for my circulars and dpns. Nothing like some new craft accessories to make you feel the business. Spent a bit of time knitting on my noro socks which are nearing completion (much to Grace's delight as socks for her are next). Finished up with some Barbie clothes - a Barbie catsuit for my niece Ruby- Lee who's birthday I shamefully forgot and silk and lace Barbie number for Grace. Don't know what prompted me to make a Barbie catsuit but Barbie clothes are certainly addictive to make!

Oh, how I love craft camp. So I'd like to say a special thank you to Suse for doing the serious bulk of the organisation and another special thank you to all the lovely ladies who make it so special by being there. And I'd also like to thank the men who shift about without complaint because it is important to us. With an extra special thank you to Gerard for not only being OK with me for taking the car for the whole weekend but for being totally fine about looking after extra children on the Friday so we could leave early. That's pretty special. Yep, love craft camp.

fine, scattered showers but overall the outlook is positive

So. Last Friday was shrink day and we ended up discussing the Kodak development, High School for Coburg and how to access housing support for a homeless person. Towards the end of our session, my doctor turned to me and said now lets talk about you. Which we did. She disapproves of me drinking beyond a glass or too. We've only touched on my tattered history with drugs ever so briefly. She totally didn't buy the self medicating with pot angle. She is really not that great to talk about the drugs with. Which is a pity in a way, because the new drugs are great. And I have had the odd drink without falling in a heap, which is also great.
So yeah, lithium is working well for me this time around. It feels much more subtle than epilum which made me feel dumb and blunt and just a tad low The epilum was better than the extremes of crazy, but only just. I slept well and didn't get tension headaches. Lithium is much more of an up drug. Everything seems prettier, lighter and in general I don't feel at all anxious. Or have racing thoughts. Instead I feel normal, like myself. I have lots of ideas buzzing around which did make me wonder at first - I thought maybe I was heading for a mania but no, it is a normal good feeling. It's been so long that it felt strange to feel happy and busy. So now I'm having all sorts of ideas - to do with school council, what clothes I want to make at craft camp, knitting, planning the garden. I feel like doing things too (except for cooking - which is to be avoided at all costs). The atmosphere with G and Grace is also lighter somehow, there's been more of a playful vibe about the house. Despite some heavy (and pretty much unbloggable) shit going down. I still sleep well although I do appear to be prone to stinky headaches if I get too tired. Interestingly lithium is naturally occurring and people used to take the lithium waters at spas. Apparently it was also put in soft drinks - most notably 7-up.
you'd almost think it was summer
There are some side effects, I get crazy thirsty. Not as much as in the beginning but still, nothing foodwise is as appealing as a cold soft drink. I've also a had a faint hand tremor at times but nothing I can't live with.Wish I could take this drug forever but my doctor says it's bad for your kidneys. So we'll see how we go. But yeah life is good. Ooh and I'm heading off to craft camp tomorrow. Life really is good.