things I should be doing

There are so many things I should be doing. My goal for the weekend is to get the school council minutes finished, 2 items of clothing cut out and ready to sew, repair the dodgy kitchener on my socks and wash and block these, together with a beret I made for Grace last week. So far today I have got the girl dressed, eaten breakfast, starting cleaning my desk, tried to call the ato about how G should be managing his business (without success), spent ages finding the answer on the slow loading ato website, had a chat with some other parents about school council issues, thought some more about said issues, gone back to cleaning my desk, had some lunch and sat down at the computer only to be seduced by facebook and google reader and now blogger. So here I am.
sad parrot
The meeting was a week and half ago but although I feel fine, I do sound a bit husky and my voice drops out occasionally. And at the end of the day, I'm tired. And there have been some issues of the type that remind me that being a grown up is hard. They are mostly G's issues but as I pointed out, we are a unit so what affects him will touch me to some degree. Then we talked about moving and putting Grace in a different school, like maybe one with a library. That is not the issue that is causing all the angst, and which really will probably be OK, but it's a hot topic around here.  A friend said she couldn't possibly send her child to a school without a library. And I can't say I blame her, this issue has been a slow burner for me but it's more than just access to books, it's about the whole idea of a library. And in my mind a school, as a place of learning should have a library, no matter how humble. There actually is a library, but no staff for it and it has been sitting all full of books waiting to be emptied and turned into space for the teachers. The library is to be moved to an old class room and run with parent assistance. But at the moment there is no library and no teacher's space. Something tells me that this issue is about to blow. There are several other issues on the agenda and I suspect school council is going to occupy a fair bit of my brain space for the next two years.
holding bird

parrot side view
So I'm not quite getting done what I planned today, but I did also plan to blog because I wanted to show you the parrot. For a while I've been doing handmade presents for kids birthday parties. It's cheap, has heaps of cred with other parents, the kids mostly like them and it beats going to norfland to buy plastic. Anyway this kid actually approached me at swimming lessons, a good 3 months before her birthday and asked for a parrot please. Her mum was a bit shocked but I was pleased, a kid that wanted a soft toy and plenty of notice! But a parrot! At one point I thought I might make an owl but after some time drawing and searching on the internet (google image searches for parrots and soft toys were the most useful and lead me to this pattern on this website). It was really pretty easy to add some wings and other embellishments, reminding myself that it's visual clues you need in a toy, not exact reproduction. I used a soft cotton velvet and wool felt with some nylon feathers. Parrot is very nice to hold in the hand which seems to be very important for this age group. I'm looking forward to making some more and refining the pattern a bit. The parrot recipient was very happy with her gift and has taken it to show and tell and sleeps with it. Apparently.


Eleanor said...

A dodgy kitchener.

What a lovely phrase.

I shall not look up the definition, it will ruin the moment for me.

E xxxx

Kel said...

i absolutely love that you make kids handmade gifts, and how cool that one had a special advance request :D

you are very clever

Anonymous said...

That parrot is great, quite parroty, I think. Grace's gappy teeth still charm me. She's gorgeous.
I still give handmade gifts - "Look in the suitcase of small animals", is a regular signal.
I did wonder how these gifts were received, really. When I had my first Maker's Market stall a school friend ran up and said, "I've got one of those kangaroos on my bed!", she'd got it from Ally for her birthday. "On my bed", means she must really like it. Good feedback.

Stomper Girl said...

I didn't know there were schools without libraries. Bit naive of me, but I'd have thought they were de rigeur. Good luck with the process then, well done you for being an active participant in the school.

Jane said...

Oh the eternal 'To Do' list! I heard some wise person the other day point out that as the list never ends ( ie as soon as you get around to one thing, another one crops up), what we need to do is consciously dedicate some time to acknowledging the things we have already done. sounds kinda simplistic, but actually I've found it a useful practice.

I love your colours