saturday in suburbia

It is sunny and windy today which made me think immediately that I should do as much washing as possible. So I put a load on before making breakfast pancakes. I couldn't work out why the pancakes weren't holding together and then realised that I used all self raising flour. So despite the presence of two eggs, they were temperamental. We had them with lemon and sugar. Yum. I had to stop myself from guzzling glass after glass of orange juice. The juice was so delicious and due to my medication I am thirsty all the time at the moment (note to self, water is also delicious). Was still in the shower when one of Grace's little friends was dropped at the door. An arrangement made last week to give her mum a little time to herself. Nothing altruistic about this, we get back in spades. And besides, sometimes it's much easier having more than one kid around.
Not Everyone Can See A Unicorn, by K Chin

As I was hanging out the washing, enjoying the fresh air that wasn't cold, I noted that G was doing his pathway around the shed project and the kids were making a pretend meal out of grass and mud on the real but no longer working cook top. All sorts of play conversations were going on and they were totally oblivious to us. Beautiful.

Have managed to more or less finish the socks with the dodgy kitchener and they are in the wash. Really need to prepare my next knitting project because I have a knitting play date tomorrow afternoon and it would be a good example of magic loop knitting. I'm going to make some toe up stripey noro socks, noro seeming to be kind of a rite of passage as a knitter. Some of the other things I want to do are probably not going to happen, but oh well. Grace has just decided she doesn't want to play outside any more and the other child does. Grace is having a good old moan and groan, with tears. At least I haven't ruined her life forever but her dad did that yesterday. Sigh. Another kid will be coming later and we are going to make chocolate crackles (we got all the ingredients except the copha for a special occasion and now we have the copha, the rice bubbles are burning a hole in some little persons pocket so to speak) and yummy dough. By the end of the day, when they are of sick playing outside and making a mess, they will probably watch ABC for kids or a movie, or old school cartoons from our big collection. Scooby doo is hot at the moment but who knows what they will choose. Ok, of to get my containers sorted for the drygoods collective.


Suse said...

It's not a complete weekend if you haven't ruined at least one child's life FOREVER.

Wait until she's a teenager.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I picked up on that too, in the midst of an otherwise neutral(and interesting)post. Sounds like my husband.S**tty stuff has always been the fault of the kids. I will tell you stuff soon that cannot be put here.