it's been a while, always

It has been a while. Over 14 days. Need to do something about that. It's not as though there are things keeping me away from the computer. Oh no. I spend plenty of time in fromt of the computer. Indeed I think computer is the problem, in particular the party side. Ravelry, I'm looking at you. I'm starting to think a lot about yarn. Wasn't mad keen on the yarn in my last project. I mean, I liked the colour (and it was sock yarn and I wanted to knit socks and couldn't go to the shops and I had it in my stash thanks to Kate who sent me a big destash parcel right at the beginning of my knitting journey - it's been very useful) but the yarn was a bit splitty and nylon feeling. Mind you, the crappy kitchener graft isn't helping how I feel about that project and those socks are languishing in a bag until I fix them enough to wash which will probably fix everything. The beret I'm making Grace is out of some school colours wool I found in the opshop, well it's 8ply and also very splitty and tangly. But I'm starting to think that maybe I can actually knit and that it might be worth tracking down and shelling out occasionally for nice materials. And I'm pondering what sorts of yarns might suit me. Especially as I'm not a hand wash your woollens type. There's been a shift in how I see myself as a knitter.
with bulldozer
I guess there have been some other things keeping me away from the computer. I was sick after Easter with a mysterious lurgy that filled me with snot and rendering me as limp as a dish rag, took my voice. So badly that when I called in sick the team leader laughed at me. It's been about two weeks and I feel fine now, but my voice is still a bit croaky and doesn't like to be near wood smoke or cold or dust. Went back to work last week and they took pity on me and sent me to indoctrination training for two days. It was good not having to have "conversations" with customers but I'm finding the current pendulum swing a little alarming. No doubt it will become the new normal and I'll adapt. And I'm still limping with my achilles tendonitis. I've been to the physio and it got better and then when I was sick, it got worse again. Over it. I really want to walk with long fast strides again. So, so over it.
from elizabeth street
We had a birthday party for Grace. Right in the middle of when I was quite sick. But we were very organised and mum came and helped on the day, as did one of the dads. The food was well timed and the cake suitably bunny shaped. Given that it was a drop off party, we could have organised a few more games. It did get a little wild in patches. Apart from the pinata, their favourite game turned out to be making big stinky potions in a rain barrel. And they zoomed around a lot - especially loving the path around the shed G had tried to block off.
from elizabeth street
And the back ground noise to all this has been the sounds of demolition. A neighbourhood landmark is fast disappearing before our eyes. I took these photos last weekend and it's been reduced by half again since then. I took new pictures today but haven't downloaded them yet. It's a bit sad as I'm very fond of the old Kodak building. You can see it from our kitchen window. Although not for much longer.


Kel said...

wow, what a rough trot you've had healthwise Janet
hope all that demolition dust doesn't set you back

heh - the captcha words i had to type were 'be cold'

Suse said...

Speaking of not handwashing the handknits, and knowing your fondness for 4 and 5ply yarn, have you discovered veera on ravelry? Her designs are almost all in 4ply sockyarn which means you can chuck them in the washing machine. I've been gradually favouriting and queuing all her designs.

Yikes I hope you get better soon. It's definitely the season for lingering illnesses. I've had a come and go sore throat for bloody weeks now. Over it over it over it over it.

Stomper Girl said...

I like that building too. I'm glad you are photographing it. We used to have an old tram depot shed near us and I am kicking myself I never took any photos of the spare W-class trams sitting forlornly in it. Of course, it has now been a vacant block for ages now.